If you are excited about attending your friend’s wedding, you must have given wedding outfits a thought. It’s no longer about wearing embellished sherwani. You can look dapper in a simple shirt and a pair of trousers too. However, you should step ahead and turn that simple combination into an elegant one. Nehru jackets can make you look handsome.

You must have noticed Bollywood hunks giving us major fashion goals. From Shahid Kapoor and Varun Dhawan to Arjun Kapoor, everyone embraced the trend of wearing Nehru jackets enthusiastically.

You can buy Nehru jackets online. If it’s an engagement or a Diwali party, you can find the best deals on men’s wear online. But the point is how to style it. Do you like to wear a kurta with a Nehru jacket? Do you think a solid shirt looks better with it?

Let’s get over these doubts. Read on to know how to style yourself when wearing a men’s Nehru jacket.



Whether you’re dressing for a formal event or a casual one, you should know what outfit would suit the occasion.

In both cases, you can choose a solid shirt and a printed Nehru jacket or vice versa. The killer combination of a shirt with a Nehru jacket never disappoints. Any man would look dapper wearing it. Why do you lag then? Create the perfect outfit for your next event and enjoy the praise to come your way.



If you’re in no mood to wear all ethnic, you can experiment with your outfit a bit. Pick a quality pair of denim jeans and a printed kurta. Now, wear a men’s Nehru jacket over it to complete the look. You can also wear a solid kurta and pick a printed jacket.

We insist you wear sandals or flip-flops with this look. You can try wearing formal shoes but only if it suits the occasion.



If you are bored with your formal outfits, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. While you may still have to wear shirts and trousers, you can add fun to your look by adding a Nehru jacket. Yes, you can buy solid shirts in different colors and pick 2-3 jackets to go with it. You can buy Nehru jackets in various prints and colors online.



If you are among those men who take pride in embracing ethnic trends, this one’s for you. While a kurta pajama look is cool, you can try a dhoti-kurta ensemble for a change. And what could be better than a Nehru jacket to complement the attire?

Wearing a dhoti has been a fashion trend for decades. The Indian culture is known for its ethnic dresses, and a dhoti is among the few that enjoys popularity worldwide. So, it’s your time to embrace your ethnic roots.

These combinations would help you look handsome. Be it a party, wedding, or a meeting: you can count on a Nehru jacket to earn your laurels. With that said, you should have a collection of it in the first place.

Readiprint Fashions offers a wide selection of men’s ethnic wear, including Nehru jackets. You can find the color of your choice in no time. Remember, it’s all about making the right fashion choices and creating a lasting impression.


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