Lehengas are one of the fastest-changing clothing styles in the bridal fashion vertical. As lehengas are characterized by different styling ideas and clothing choices, these go by different traits and flavors of dressing venturing into the newest sartorial art and fashion concepts that bring enthralling bridal clothing traits in trend.

As it appears, the latest lehenga fashion has been marked by the ideas of lowkey and effortless fashion. The couture art they are promoting is more about iterating the same traditional choices of art picking up more liberated and blended ideas at donning a look that is progressive and liberated in the way of expressing bridal fashion.

This is where you see the new designs flourishing through new interpretations of bridal looks. Here’s what the leading fashion houses and designer labels suggest about the latest trends in lehenga fashion this wedding season.

Millennial Lehengas

Pastel is the pulse of the new fashion which is fairly attributed as millennial lehenga due to its popularity with millennial brides. These candy-hued lehengas are catching the fantasies of to-be brides and bridesmaids these days and are being ardently followed by designers from different creative dispositions and diasporic lineages. These lehengas can be available in different pastel unitones and chromatic shades with harmonic progressions. It has its palette of colors lying across anything peachy, lemony, aquatic, to lilac.


These wedding Lehengas have that cool and refreshing feel to them and therefore these are being endorsed by Bollywood beauties like Shraddha Kapoor and Anushka Sharma to be promoted as the latest Lehenga Choli design. These can be anything sporting a voluminous flare or pleated overlays to something featuring minimal art with subtle artistic references – all preserved in a style that is pro-millennial!

pastel wedding lehenga

Printed Lehengas

Prints never go out of style. Especially when the world dressmaking craft is adopting new artistic flairs and application practices to revive the essence of printed fashion. This is bringing handprints, machine prints, and their digital options out in the focus. Most of the fashion magazines and Bridal lookbooks featuring this trait of Lehenga fashion are witnessing a broader coverage. These are also the most visible latest lehenga online.

Printed Lehenga

Printed lehengas are available in chirpy, floral and vibrant themes and are also available in traditional and ethnic prints. Depends on which category you are searching for, is it pre-wedding shoot lehenga, party wear lehenga, ceremonial lehenga, or the bridal wear lehenga. You have many options available with printed lehengas which allows you to try various dressing combinations, makeup styles, and ornamental prompts, picking up the fashion that best suits your idea of a lehenga outfit.

Printed Lehenga

Ruffled Lehengas

When you try to open up to more contemporary options, you have the latest art and craft styles joining in offering you profuse blends and enhancements. One such trending option these days is that of the ruffled lehengas. It is a great way to adopt free-style ethnic fashion that brings in more craft-absorbed style of wearing lehenga dresses by pulling in ruffled design. These ruffles are presented in various modes and attributes of styles.

In reference to this style of lehenga choli design, you can have dupatta border with micro-ruffles or can see the whole follow-through over the skirt’s hem presented with cascaded ruffle designs. With some of the party wear lehengas, you can see overwhelmingly ornamented ruffle designs that get you a different perspective of wearing a lehenga going beyond all of the ordinary and characteristic trends that dominate lehenga fashion.

Ruffle Lehenga

To Conclude

These are the most empowering fashion trends that are ruling the lehenga culture in the contemporary wedding scenes. Here, you can choose from the various design options and clothing formats around these fashionable lehenga choli ensembles to get you going with evolved concepts of progressive fashion around wedding attires. While you do this try to find a bespoke fit with the choice of shade and design that best compliments your personal style, to get you to best achieve your fashion goals this wedding season.


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