Wedding Sarees
Wedding Sarees

Weddings for Indians are supposed to be the grandest of the occasions. Saree is the traditional outfit of Indian women. It ranges from being “basic and simple” to being the “most stylish and sophisticated apparel”. No other apparel in the world gives so much variety. Besides, a saree does not require any particular body shape to make a person look beautiful. Therefore, this popular drape holds a very special place in the Indian wedding context.

Every region of India has its own material and style of the Indian Wedding Sarees found in various patterns and colors. For example, Kanjivaram silk, Banarasi silk, Gota patti, Bandhej, Patola etc. Traditionally sarees for special occasions were made from silk, and the cottons ones were used as regular wear. Today a lot of new fabrics like georgette and chiffon are being used to make sarees. However, silk remains to be a preference for the weddings.

The bridal saree traditionally used to be red in color which nowadays is replaced by pink, purple and other variations. It is supposed to be the most beautiful, elegant and rich. A portion of the wedding budget is especially reserved for the bridal saree. Every bride dreams of a unique piece in her choicest combination of colors, patterns and designs for her wedding. It is a common trend to have customized designer saree for the wedding.

The non bridal Indian wedding sarees are of equal importance if not more. Most women prefer to wear saree in the weddings. The richness of one’s saree is the measure of one’s intimacy with the couple in the conventional world. Therefore, it is very important for the bride’s or groom’s mother to be identifiable from her saree. Usually the close female relatives of the couple wear rich silk sarees of the latest trends.

Usually sarees woven in bright color combinations are taken and embellished to make them look rich and attractive.

Prints, embroidery, zardoshi, patchwork, decorative borders, stones, mirrors etc. are used in an array of combinations to make a designer piece of Indian Wedding Sarees. More the embellishments and the elegance of design, higher is its price. Some wealthy people also use threads of real gold and silver in the saree for the embroidery along with small pieces of precious stones for the embellishment.


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