India is the blend of traditionalism and modernity. On the global Dias, the wedding of India is popular as Big Fat Indian Weddings, full of color, glamor, and excitement. The wedding ceremonies are full of decoration, food, drinks, colors, clothing which together form an impeccable mélange of tradition, culture, and values. The contemporary weddings of today’s modern era have transformed immensely. The reason behind the transformation is the obvious factors of Globalizations. Now the brides are taking ‘Haldi Ceremony’ photos in sunglasses and even in certain cases, with a bottle of wine. But one thing is standing still in its rightful place, and that is the Bridal saree of the brides of India. There were many trials where even the saree had to face the experiments of the designers, but it is still standing strong in its original avatar as the most loved and coveted bridal wear of the mighty land of the Hindus.

Wedding Sarees

The bridal sarees are even run on the runways where the models flaunt their curves through the perfect pleats and colors. The enrichment of the sarees is evident with the use of the opulent embellishments. A wedding saree with the semi-ethnic style makes the bride look both traditional and modern. The wedding sarees of this criterion is rising daily on demand. Also, when the brides opt for the casual ethnic look, her folks are now opting for the traditional sarees teaming with traditional jewelry of gold.

Below are the Enlisted Details of the Three Traditional Bridal Sarees of the Indian States:

  • Kanjeevaram

    This traditional saree hails from the southern greenery of the Indian subcontinent. The sarees are immensely popular with the women for being colorful, bright and heavy.

Kanjeevaram Saree Online

  • Net Sarees

    Just as the Kanjeevaram, the net sarees are popular in the Northern India. These net sarees had sequins and zari throughout the body and also heavy embroideries.

Net Sarees Online

  • Banarasi

    Banarasi’s origin occurred in the holy city of Kashi, but it is immensely popular with the ladies of Bengal. They not only wear it during the wedding but also wear it during any auspicious occasion.

Banarasi sarees Online


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