Wedding Sarees
Wedding Sarees

Wedding is the most special occasion in anyone’s life. The bride and the groom embark on the journey of life together. It is a new beginning. Therefore, people try and make it the most memorable day of their life. A bride wants to look most beautiful on the day of her wedding and captivates the heart of her groom forever. What could be better than Indian Wedding Sarees in bright red color? It is incomparable.

Brides in India have always dressed in richly adorned red saree on the wedding day as a tradition. Even today despite the ample choices of beautiful attires, an Indian bride stills prefer the same.

The saree essentially is a long drape available in a wide range of materials and color. It is worn with a blouse like choli and a skirt (petticoat). The saree is draped first around the skirt along the waist and then diagonally covers the front of the torso hanging on one shoulder. The loose end of the saree is flaunted freely from the back of the shoulder. The sides of the midriff are sensuously exposed to accentuate the look.

Saree is the attire dressed in which you can look the most sensuous, stylish and sophisticated or you can look very simple and decent. And what better than Indian Wedding Sarees on the wedding day! It all depends on how you drape your saree and the design of your choli. It can also serve as formal wear. No other outfit can offer such a wide range as of the saree. That is the reason why women of all ages, class, creed and region across the Indian subcontinent prefer a saree on all special occasions especially on the wedding day.

Traditionally the sarees for special occasion are made of silk. Now-a-days materials like crepe, chiffon, georgette, tissue etc. are also used to make the bridal saree. A lot of colors and their combinations are also experimented. Special designer sarees custom made as per bride’s preferences is the latest trend. However, beautiful embellishments and intense embroidery or zardoshi continue to be an essential part of the bridal saree.

Even foreigners today are experimenting the Indian wedding sarees as their bridal wear or on special occasions. A saree accentuates a woman’s beauty making her look graceful and classy. A woman in saree can just not be missed amongst the others in the crowd.

Traditional ornaments like earrings, necklace, chudi (bengals), kamarbandh (waistband) and a bindi complement the Indian wedding sarees beautifully to complete the attire.


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