Indian Sarees
Indian Sarees

India has rich cultural heritage that make it different from the rest of the world. This is the land of diversity where you can find diversity in food, clothing, festivals, cultures, traditions, etc. still unity is seen in this nation. Indian culture is adopted in almost every corner of this world.

Indian saree is one of the very famous apparel loved by everyone. This 6 yard long cloth when draped around a lady, gives a sassy and stylish look to her. Indian saree, be it in any style and design reflects the culture and tradition of the country. Its origin dates back to the ancient times when the culture was at its start. Let us know where actually this beautiful and elegant Indian wear originated.

It is being said that the legend, beautiful lady Draupadi is behind its origin. She was the wife of five husband or pandavs. They lost her in a gamble and thus their enemy tried to undress her but due to the lord krishna’s grace they fail in their mission as her body cloth turned into a never ending cloth. This cloth was named as Indian saree later.

Another story associated with it considers an urban legend behind it. This urban legend is about a weaver. This weaver was fond of dreaming and one day he was thinking of a beautiful lady while weaving. He weaved all the beautiful details of his thoughts in the cloth unknowingly and made it hundreds of yards long. This splendid cloth was created by him due to the femininity of that beautiful lady in his dreams. It is clear from this story that why Indian lady wear saree as she wear it to show her beauty and finesse.

Initially Indian saree were worn as a skirt or a veil. There were no blouses with sarees. Only saree was used to cover their chest. With time, trends changed and blouses came into fashion that added extra beauty to the style of these sarees.

This beautiful attire has its specific measurement which is 326 inches X 47 inches. There is a special style of its weaving and designs. Some of the fantastic varieties in Indian saree to be named are Banarasi, Chanderi, Kancheevaram, Lehriya, Jardoji, Patola Silk, Bhandej, Cotton etc. Owing to their large varieties you can find a large collection of these sarees in an Indian women wardrobe. It’s must to have at least one piece of all basic varieties.

In spite being a fond option from ancient times, Indian saree has not loosened its charm in these modern times where more and more females are picking up the western outfits and getting modern and stylish. No matter how advanced and modern a lady is, she will always love to get adorned with the style and designs of traditional Indian saree.


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