Whether you’re wearing a Kanjeevaram or Bangalore silk saree for your wedding, no one can doubt the beauty of a bride in a well-draped saree!

Here is a step by step guide in South Indian style bridal saree draping:


1. First, gather everything you need to wear a saree. You will need the following items:
– saree (ironed)
– matching blouse
– matching petticoat
– a pair of heels
– safety pins

These are the basic things you will need to wear your saree properly.

2. Next, wear your blouse followed by the petticoat. Ensure your blouse fits you well BEFORE the actual wedding day. This will give you some time to make necessary adjustments. A well-fitting blouse is crucial for a bridal saree. It should fit you snugly and end just under the bust line.

Your petticoat shouldn’t be too long or short. Ensure it is the same color as your saree. When you put on your petticoat, take a deep breath in and then tie the knot. Tuck this in at the waist. Your knot should be firm so that it doesn’t loosen easily.

Now, put on your heels and proceed to the next phase in wearing a bridal saree.


1. Take your saree and figure out where the fall is. Once found, gently pull it through your fingers and go to the opposite end from the pallu side. Take the end and tie a small knot. Tuck this knot into the petticoat on the right side of your waist. Wrap it around your waist from right to left just once. Stop when you arrive at the first tuck.

2. Once you’ve brought the saree around your waist, you’ll have an open end in your hand which includes the pallu. Now take hold of the saree from the border edge and start making small pleats.

Once formed, take the entire pleated pallu and gently wrap it around the body from left to right and place it on the left shoulder. Ensure the pallu length stops behind the knees.

3. On the left side of your waist, take the edge of the saree and pull it tightly over your hip and pin it on the centre of your petticoat to form a diagonal line from the left side of your waist to the centre.

4. Now lift up the remaining saree from where you pinned it and start forming pleats. Form pleats from right to left.
Once formed hold them up and smooth them out, ensuring the pleats formed evenly.

5. Holding the top edges of all the pleats in one hand, pin them together with a safety pin. Smoothen the pleats out once again before tucking all the pleats into the centre of your petticoat.

6. Now remove the pallu from your shoulder and start to form small pleats starting from the left border of the pallu. Once formed, gently straighten and lift up above the left shoulder and place it there.

7. Readjust the pleats on the top of the shoulder and pin them in place.

8. Adjust your pleats in the front of the saree. Secure these to the petticoat. Adjust the pallu so that it covers the tucked in portion of the pleats.

Now you’re all set for your wedding!


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