What’s the best way to showcase your favourite Bandhani, Patola, embroidered tinsel or panetar saree, wear it in a siddha pallu style. These famous traditional sarees are a staple in Gujarat and are often worn during festivals, religious ceremonies and weddings. What’s noticeable about all of them is the intricate detailing on the pallu. In order to show case it, the siddha pallu style of draping a saree works best with these Gujarati sarees.

In this classic drape, your pallu will be the star of the show. It’s also a comfortable way to wear your favourite saree.

To wear your saree in the siddha pallu style, start by:

1. First wear your saree blouse, petticoat and a pair of heels. Ensure your petticoat is knotted firmly so that it holds its place during the saree draping steps.

2. Starting just to the right of your navel, take the edge or plain end of your saree (opposite to the pallu) and begin tucking it in to your petticoat; going from right to left, for a complete turn.

3. After returning to the first tuck, take the loose saree fabric in your hand and bring it around the body so that the pallu becomes noticeable.

4. Open the pallu and begin making small pleats, starting from the left side. Once made, place them over the right shoulder from behind (not from the front) and adjust the length as required. When you’ve found an appropriate length, pin the pleats on the shoulders. Ensure the length extends past the waist.
Smoothen out the pleats so that they are uniform and well-formed.

5. Once the pallu is firmly in place, begin making pleats, going from the right to the left side. Makes these at least four inches wide. Once formed, hold them all together to ensure all the pleats are of the same length. Pin them before tucking them into the centre of your waist, slightly to the right side.

6. Re-adjust the pleats on the front. Take the left side of your pallu corner and bring it across your chest and pin it to the back of your saree just above the loose portion mentioned in tip #5.

Siddha pallu style sarees look even more spectacular when worn with saree blouse featuring intricate designs. Complete your saree with a maang tikka and other traditional ornaments to add a further desi touch!

Then you’ll be ready to rock your saree in the siddha pallu style!


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