Some of the Bollywood celebrities have always been known for their iconic style. Mumtaz, the Bollywood actress of yesteryears ruled over many hearts. It was not that she only held men’s attention, even women admired her unique way of dressing up especially the way she wore her sarees. Mumtaz style Saree has been till date fascinating the women. This is so because it is unlike the traditional or conventional way of tying the saree. It makes one look slimmer and also accentuates the curves in a complimentary manner.

Be it any occasion, this style of wearing saree never fails to create sensation. In fact it would not be wrong to say that Mumtaz style is timeless and perennial. It would never give an outdated look though it can be most aptly befitting to be worn for a retro theme party.

Wearing Mumtaz style saree is rather so simple that it can be worn in one minute. It goes without saying that nothing looks more elegant than a saree which has been neatly tied. For that, some prior preparation before adorning this six yard beauty is required.

  • A well fitting blouse which is smartly stitched is the first and foremost requirement. You can even go in for a readymade designer blouse. A matching colour well fitted cotton or Lycra petticoat will add more grace to the saree.
  • Keep a few safety pins handy.
  • Put on your heels before tying the saree. Heels always lend poise to the gait. Put on your blouse and petticoat.
  • Put on your jewellery and make-up beforehand. With Mumtaz style saree, a big bun would definitely add more glamour to the wearer.
  • For Mumtaz style drape, broad border will not look good. Choose a saree with a thin border.


Start tucking the saree from the right side and take one complete round. Make sure that saree is well tucked and is completely covering the heels. The length must fall only half an inch above the floor.

  1. As you have taken one round, make only two pleats and tuck them well in the centre of the waist.
  2. Again take a round with the rest of the untied portion of the saree. Bring it to the centre and tuck it four to five inches above the original length of the saree.
  3. Take another round and repeat the previous step.
  4. Make the Pallu pleats with rest of the untied saree portion and ensure that the pleats are even.
  5. Bring the Pallu from behind and put it on your left shoulder and secure it with a pin.
  6. The drape is ready. Look your best in this scintillating style which Mumtaz immortalized with her exquisite and unique charm.

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