Saree has been an integral part of Indian culture. It adds to the beauty and grace of a woman and never fails to leave an everlasting impression. Sarees in their many new avatars have created a wave of excitement amongst the women in the modern fashion world. One of the new styled garments which have evolved from the perfect blend of saree and lehenga is definitely the most sought after style which has become a sensation all over the country in no time. It seems that this unique combination is here to stay for long as its popularity is increasing by the day.

Lehenga Saree as this fusion wear is called is very comfortable and easy to wear but wearing it always in the same style is not necessary. Lehenga saree comprises of a long heavily embellished skirt, a stylish blouse and an embellished dupatta. This is the piece of garment which can be put to variety of experiments to create a new style every time you plan to wear the lehenga saree. These styles will make this attire look new and more attractive.

Here are a few tips of wearing Lehenga Saree in different styles:

Style Statement #1

  1. Put on your blouse and skirt or lehenga. Keep a few safety pins handy.
  2. Take one end of the lehenga dupatta and make pleats along the length of the dupatta.
  3. Make sure that all the pleats are of same sizes and they look symmetrical.
  4. Put this pleated Pallu on the right shoulder and pin it with blouse. This pallu should fall on your bodice almost till your waist.
  5. Take the flowing end of the front side and take it behind and pin it, keeping it tight and firm.
  6. Take the flowing end from behind and put it on the left shoulder under the arm, keeping the border in front. Pin it properly.
  7. You are ready to rock the party.

Style Statement #2

  1. Put on blouse and skirt and the footwear. Keep the pins ready.
  2. Take one end of the dupatta and make pleats along the length of the dupatta. Put this pleated dupatta on the left shoulder and secure it with a pin. The length of the dupatta must reach till the end of lehenga in the front and behind it must be till the waist.
  3. Take the flowing end of the dupatta in a single pleat from the left side and put it around.
  4. Bring the other end under the arm from the left side and tuck it at your waist. Secure it with a safety pin.

Style Statement #3

  1. First step remains the same as in the two previous versions.
  2. Take one end of the dupatta, leaving the longer portion behind. Make the pleats along the length and pin it on the right shoulder.
  3. Bring it from behind to the left and taking the single pleat tie it neatly around your left wrist.

These three interesting styles of wearing your lehenga saree in different forms are surely going to win you many compliments. For the most exquisite collection of lehenga sarees, visit Indian Wedding Saree.


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