Sarees no doubt are the sexiest of the attires which can epitomise elegance and femininity in any woman but draping a saree is an art which needs to be learnt. When it comes to wedding, no bride wants to look clumsily dressed up. It is mandatory that the saree is draped in a perfect style.

Another interesting fact, which is a gift of India’s cultural diversity, is the different ways of draping the saree. In fact the draping style differs in every state which makes this beautiful 5-9 yards length all the more interesting.

Here we are a few tips on draping wedding style sarees from different regions:


Bengal is a land of rich cultural heritage where everything about it displays fine artistic taste. Bengali women are known for their lovely looks which comprise of beautiful eyes and features. Bengali brides look the most ravishing in the way they dress up. Their unique style of draping bengali saree makes them look much more graceful. The Bengali bride has her own special entity because of the way she drapes her saree. The basic technique of how to wear

Bengali Saree step by step is given in the following steps:

• Put on your blouse, petticoat and heels.
• Start wrapping the saree around your waist from left to right.
• Pleat the saree and tuck it in the middle of the waist just like Nivi saree style.
• Take the remaining saree and form the pleats along the breadth of the pallu.
• Place the folded pleats on your left shoulder.
• Take the tip of the Pallu to the front from under the right hand.
• Knot the tip and throw it over your right shoulder.

Adorn this look with a big red bindi, some ethnic jewellery and a radiant smile to make it a perfect Bengali wedding mood.


State of Gujarat, vibrant, colourful and lively exhibits its uniqueness in many ways but Gujarati style wedding saree is draped very differently from the normal style. Gujarati style saree has been adopted by many states of India and its popularity cannot be denied.

While normal saree is draped in a clockwise manner with the Pallu falling behind, the Gujarati style uses anti-clockwise direction, with the Pallu coming in front and covering the bodice with pleats. Any wedding saree with a heavily embellished Pallu can be draped in Gujarati style. Follow the steps to get the perfect drape.

• Put on your blouse, petticoat and heels and keep your safety pins ready.
• Start tucking the saree inside the petticoat from right to left taking care that the non-pallu end is being tucked in.
• After tucking a complete round, make pleats along the saree length and tuck them inside the petticoat, facing the right side.
• Pick the other end of the saree and make pleats breadth wise on the pallu.
• Bring this pleated pallu from behind over your right shoulder, and let them fall on the front right side.
• Pin up the pallu to your blouse at the right shoulder.
• Picking the left corner of the pallu, spread and pin it inside close to the waist on the left corner.

Enhance this look with a maang tika and beautiful earrings.


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