Want to appear suave and chic at your next office party or gathering? Consider wearing a saree. Not sure how to wear one?

Read the following tips on how to wear a saree perfectly:

Step 1

Have your saree, matching blouse and petticoat, a pair of heels and some safety within reach.

Step 2

Put on your blouse and petticoat. Ensure the knot on your petticoat is firm. Tuck it into your petticoat. Don’t forget to wear your heels.

Step 3

Begin by taking the plain edge of your saree (opposite the pallu) and making the first tuck just to the right of your navel.

Step 4

Keep tucking all the way around, going from right to left direction. As you keep tucking your saree into your petticoat, pay attention to the length. It should be below the hem of your petticoat.

Step 5

Keep tucking to make one complete turn; stopping just at your first tuck.

Step 6

Now take your saree from the border edge. Start making small pleats from left to right.

Step 7

Once the pleats are formed, take them around your body once (left to right) and place the pleats over your left shoulder.

Check the length of the pleats. They should be sitting just behind or above the knees.

Step 8

Now pull the saree tightly from left side over your waist and secure its edge with a pin to your petticoat.

Step 9

Take a small portion of the loose saree (from where you pinned it) and start making small, neat pleats, going right to left.

Step 10

Keep pleating until you’re nearly all out of fabric. Once all the pleats are formed, run your fingers through each pleat and bring them together neatly.

Step 11

Holding all the pleats in one hand, pin them together on the top before tucking it into your petticoat.

Step 12

Once the pleats are tucked, smoothen out the top pleat and the saree.

Step 13

Now remove the pallu from the shoulder. Starting with the left edge (with the design facing away from you) start making pleats.

Ensure the entire length of the pallu is pleated evenly before placing it again over your left shoulder.

The border of the pleat should be sitting neatly across your chest.

Step 14

Adjust the border over your bust so that the border is visible, before pinning all the pleats to the inside of your blouse on the back.

Step 15

Add some final touches such as smoothening out the pleats of your saree so that they’re flowing evenly from the waist.

Secure these pleats again to your saree.


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