Whether it’s her ability to appear stunning in all desi avatars or just her warm and friendly smile, no one knows how to appear suave and sophisticated in a saree quite like Sonam Kapoor. Her double pallu saree drape has become synonymous with her name.

To look and feel Sonam Kapoor in a double pallu style saree drape, consider the following tips:

1. Keep your saree, matching blouse and petticoat, dupatta and heels within reach.

2. Start by wearing your blouse and petticoat. Knot the petticoat firmly and tuck it into your waist. Wear your heels.

3. Take your saree and begin draping. Make the first tuck to the right of your navel.

4. Continue draping and tucking for one complete turn.

5. Now take the saree from the border edge and begin to make small, neat pleats.

6. Secure these pleats with a safety pin. Ensure they all line up neatly before pinning.

7. Take these pleats around and place them over your right shoulder. The length of the pallu should fall just below the right knee.

8. Pin the top of the pallu to the inside of your blouse.

9. Now take your dupatta and tuck one end into your saree just under and to the left of your belly button.

10. Keep tucking and draping for one complete turn (like Step 3), until you arrive back at the first tuck of your dupatta.

11. Now take the remaining length of your dupatta and drape it over left shoulder like a regular, non-pleated pallu.

12. Pin your dupatta on the top of your shoulder to your blouse.

13. Once your dupatta is firmly in place, take the remaining drape of your saree and begin pleating from right to left. Make small, neat pleats for maximum effect.

14. Once the pleats are made, smoothen them out and adjust them as required. Gather them together and pin them on top before tucking the top two to three inches into your petticoat, just below the navel.

15. Take the dupatta and pleat it into small pleats and secure it with a pin to the back of your blouse.

16. You will notice your saree hanging in loose, tidy swirls in front of your dupatta on the left side of your waist. This is the desired look.

Now you can look and feel like Sonam Kapoor in a saree!


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