Do you love wearing a saree? Do you want to appear unique and chic at your next family or office function? If so, consider draping your saree in an exceptional style, much like Shraddha Kapoor.

In this innovative drape, you have to create two sets of pleats, both of which sit at the waist! Sounds unbelievable right, but now you too can drape your saree in the signature Shraddha Kapoor style.

Start by wearing your saree blouse and petticoat. Ensure the knot is pulled tightly and tucked in to your waist. Then put on a pair of heels. Have your saree and a few safety pins within reach.

Now begin your draping using the following steps:

a. Start by knotting your saree edge and tucking it into your petticoat, just to the right of your navel.

b. Keep tucking and draping, going from right to left. Continue draping until you pass your first tuck. Stop just behind your waist on the left side.

c. Now make up to six, small and neat pleats.

d. Tuck them firmly into the left side of your waist, just at the back.

e. Now take the remaining saree around the back to your right side.

f. Start making pleats as you would for a normal saree. Make up to 5, small pleats.

g. Tuck these pleats into your right waist NOT under your navel like a normal saree.

h. Now lift up the saree from the edge. With the border edge firmly in your hand, begin making neat pleats from right to left. Again, keep these pleats small.

i. Smoothen out the length of each pleat before you pin them together.

j. Place these pleats over your left shoulder. Their length should fall below the back of your left knee. Secure these pleats to your blouse.

k. Now take the inside pleat (the one sitting just above your blouse) and wrap it around to the right side of your waist. Pin it there securely.

l. Take the drape on the right side and pull it up one over the other.

m. Hold it together with the other pleats and bring it over the hip. Pin it at the waist.

n. This creates a curved drape with neat folds that are pinned to your right waist.

o. Now smoothen out your pallu on the shoulder.

Now you’re ready to rock your bollywood sarees in a Shraddha Kapoor avatar!


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