Sarees is such a wonderful garment which can be put to experiment in hundred of ways. This free flowing six or nine yards length let your imagination take a flight of ingenuity and creativity. There are so many ways to drape this lovely attire making a woman feel uniquely dressed up with a touch of novelty.

Our designers are always making an endeavour to design something different from usual which is appreciated and adopted by the modern woman as she is not afraid to try out new ideas.

Dhoti is a traditional Indian men’s garment comprising of a rectangular piece of cloth which is wrapped around a waist and the legs and knotted at the waist. Dhoti and saree are similar as they both comprise of a length of a rectangular cloth though dhoti is shorter in length. Dhoti’s style of draping has inspired women to use it to drape the saree.

Let’s find out how to Wear A Saree In A Dhoti Style:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are the Steps for how to wear a saree in Dhoti Style:-

  1. Put on a pair of well fitting tights and a well fitted trendy blouse. Keep the safety pins ready.

  2. Take a plain chiffon saree with a border running along the edge for the entire length. Put the saree around you leaving around 2 meters. on the left side and rest of the length on the right side.

  3. Pin both at the centre of the waist with the right overlapping the left side. Take the right side length and wrap it around you. Make pleats for the Pallu and pin them securely. Remember to make narrow pleats.

  4. Place this Pallu on the left shoulder and pin it up neatly.

  5. Let these pleats continue from the front and take them around from right to left in the neatly arranged style. Pin the pleats to the tights in the centre. Spread the pleats on to your left hip.

  6. There will be a loop formed in the front from where you take out the shorter part of the length and make pleats on the vertical length of the fabric. Make sure the pleats are narrow and well arranged in a neat manner.

  7. Let these pleats pass through the loop and take them behind between the two legs. Tuck these at the back in the centre.

  8. Take the loop and pleat it to tuck it in the front. Pin it securely. Arrange these pleats well before tucking them in.

Now as you stand in front of the mirror, you check your reflection and what you see is not the same girl. Here is a Fashionista who has a great sense of fashion inspiring others with her impeccable style. Tying the saree in the dhoti style is not at all a child’s play. One can even dare to call it complicated.

Indian Wedding Saree wishes to make it an easy task for its customers by catering online for exclusive collection of readymade dhoti styled sarees which will create a diva out of you without much effort. These sarees are available in different fabrics and array of colours. Browse through our collection of Dhoti Style Sarees and place your order today.


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