Draping the saree is not so simple, especially in the country like India where there are several ways of draping it. Each state may have its own unique way of wearing this attire. Lately, one standard way of draping the saree has been recognised by the Indian women, which is simple, fast and brings wonderful results. Convenient for those working women class who wear it every day to their workplace.

For them this style has proved to be a boon as they do not have to spend too long in draping the saree and the look is smart, agile and modern. This is Nivi style which originated in Andhra Pradesh and the earlier version was pretty complicated. As they say that necessity is the mother of invention, the new modern Nivi style has made this flowing saga of womanhood, a cultural icon.

Let’s learn to drape a Nivi Style Saree in One Minute:

  1. Put on the matching blouse and petticoat (an in-skirt) as well as your heels. Wear your jewellery and keep a few safety pins handy.
  2. Start tucking in saree from one end from right to left and complete one full round.
  3. Pick the other end of the saree and make Pallu pleats along the breadth of the Pallu. To make them secure, you can clamp them together and then put it over your left shoulder.
  4. Pin the Pallu carefully with your blouse and let it fall behind.
  5. Tuck the upper edge of the saree from the left and tuck it inside in a diagonal form.
  6. Hold this end and start making pleats of the loose portion. Around six to seven pleats will be made.
  7. Once the pleats are made and they are symmetrical, tuck them inside and ensure that they are tucked properly.
  8. To hold the pleats, pin them together.

These eight simple steps will create the magic without taking too long and you are ready to face the world in the most elegant attire that will always make you feel special. This feeling is definitely accentuated when you buy a beautiful saree from Indian Wedding Saree which adds to your pleasure as each sarees here is handpicked to give our customers the best.

We ensure that your online shopping experience is enjoyable and satisfying in every manner. When you wear a Nivi style saree with these handy tips, you are surely going to grab attention for your impeccable neat look. Browse through our collection of wide variety of sarees in array of colours and enjoy wearing them everyday.


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