Women palazoos are a fashion icon of the 1960s and 70s that is definitely here to stay! In fact, their comeback has been so fierce that it’s hard to find a single fashion blog or shop that doesn’t mention or sell them. This beloved pant style features a super wide leg that has flowing pants. Every woman loves palazoos because they complement every body type and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Palazoos are also very comfortable. It’s hard to imagine anything so beautiful as also being comfortable. Due to their light material and flowing quality, palazoos are ideally worn in the warmer months.

Palazoo pants

Another endearing quality about this symbol of the sixties is that it can be worn anywhere and anytime! Here’s how you can style your women palazoos:

To Work

Palazoos are perfect for work, especially when you expect to sit through meetings and meet clients. For the office, palazoos made from heavy crepe work best. Since crepe is a denser material, it will not wrinkle very easily. You can easily dress up in a sharp jacket and blouse. Complete your ‘office’ look with a pair of wedges to give you some height.

Palazoo trousers

For an Evening Out

Who’ says palazoos can’t be worn for fun? A pair of silk/satin palazoos with a crop top are a great way to get your evening started. Add a dash of boldness by combining your look with a pair of high heels.

For a Holiday

Palazoos are the best pants to take on a holiday. They don’t require much room in the suitcase and are definitely lighter than their denim counterpart. Get in the holiday spirit with a pair of printed palazoos. You can easily wear a tank or bikini top and a pair of casual slippers to match.

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For Formal Events

To create a smart look, coordinate your entire palazoo look in monochrome. That’s right! Match the colour of your palazoo pants with a top in the same colour. You can opt for accessories in a different colours but ensure their colour is the same as well, i.e. a navy blue outfit with earrings and shoes that are in red.

Women Palazoos

For Festive Occasions

How to look smart and appropriate for a religious/festive occasion? Pair your palazoo with a kurta. This is comfortable and chic. Opt for a kurta that is embellished and has high slits on the sides.

Palazoos are a must-have item in every woman’s closet. To shop for women palazoos today, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.


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