After seeing the blockbuster hit movie Padmavat, you’ve probably fallen in love with Deepika Padukone’s avatar and her numerous lehenga sarees. In fact, many women have taken inspiration from her Padmavat look and chosen to wear their wedding saree in the same style.

If you want to look like a Padmavat bride on your wedding day, consider the following tips for draping a saree in the lehenga style:

1. Start by wearing your blouse, matching petticoat and a pair of heels. Ensure the petticoat is tightly knotted. It should sit just at or below the navel.

2. Take the plain end of the saree, i.e. opposite of the pallu, and tie a knot. Tuck this knot into the right side of your waist. It should be in line with your right leg.

3. In this step, the look of your lehenga style saree will differ from a regular saree. Going in an anti-clockwise manner (left to right), make small, individual pleats. Tuck each pleat into your petticoat as you go. Keep some gap between each pleat.
Avoid making several pleats in one go. This will take away from the look you’re trying to achieve.

4. Perform this step all around until you arrive back to your first tuck. Eventually, you will be left with some saree material and the pallu.

5. Now take the pallu in your hand. Holding the left side of the border, start making small pleats. Once all the pleats are formed, hold up the entire pallu and straighten or smoothen out all the pleats.

6. Then hold the entire pleat set at mid point and bring it around your back and over your right shoulder.

7. Adjust the length of the pallu so that it sits just at your waist. Since you’re not using the entire length of the pallu, it will leave a lot of fabric hanging loosely behind which will be used later on.
Smoothen out each pleat before pinning the entire set to the blouse.

8. Now take the border of the first pleat on your shoulder and gently tug it out. Wrap it across your top half and pin it to the back of your blouse.

9. Take the remaining pallu which is hanging loosely behind you and gently place it on your head.

10. Finish off your Padmavat look by doing a final pleat and tuck at the waist.


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