One of the most repetitive questions asked by men – ‘How to style a blazer with jeans?’ This is a common men’s wardrobe conundrum. A blazer is considered a part of the formal clothing line, hence styling it with jeans might simply be off the track. However, a classic jacket style blazer can be easily styled with jeans for creating a casual silhouette. Of course, to nail this casual look, you have to take care of several factors like color, material, styling, and fit. This blog provides you a hands-on guide to style your blazer with jeans and rock the casual look in style.

What is a blazer?

Formal men’s blazer belongs to the family of jackets and initially was considered suitable for formal occasions. Sometimes it is used interchangeably with a sports coat and suit jacket. However, there are some noticeable differences between them. A blazer doesn’t come with matching pants, unlike a suit jacket. They (blazers) are less structured from the shoulders. Still, they are not as loose and layer-friendly as a sports coat.

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Blazers for men come in solid colors, the most popular being navy blue, gray, beige, etc. Modernized versions of blazers come with more discreet buttons.

They are available as single-breasted with 2-3 buttons or even double-breasted with 6 buttons.

How to style blazers with jeans?

The first rule is to pick the right jeans. For men, a slim-cut jean is just perfect – not too skinny, not to lose, just right. Slim fit jeans pairs nicely with a sports jacket.

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The key to rock this casual look is to pick relaxed styles. Opting for light-weight materials can set the game right. Linen and unstructured designs project a relaxed aesthetic. Men’s blazers come in a variety of fabrics, styles, and hues. So, you have plenty of choices to choose from. Before you pick the blazer, be sure of all your options. Some blazers go well with formal occasions while some are good for casual outings.

Cotton blazers, for example, are a great layering option in summer with casual outfits. The lightweight fabric gives a comfortable cut and shape to the blazer for a relaxed yet smart aesthetic. They work particularly well with T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

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Just like cotton, linen is also a lightweight and breathable fabric. They are perfect for keeping you cool in summers without compromising style. They look best when designed unstructured. When wearing linen blazers with jeans, avoid heavy footwear, instead opt for sneakers, sandals, or loafers.

Sports coat and Suit jackets

A sport coat or sports jacket is similar in cut and length to a blazer, but they are more casual and less structured. They are generally designed in sturdy and thick fabrics like tweed and flannel. Initially, they were designed for outdoor activities and are looser than a suit jacket. Due to their sporty look, they can easily be styled with jeans.

Suit jackets are more formal than blazers. Hence, it is difficult to carry them in casual looks. However, unstructured designs can still be worn in a casual style.

In summary, styling blazers with jeans for a casual look is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to follow some simple rules – pick the right jeans, pick the right blazer, go for unstructured styles in blazers, create a contrast, and you’re done.


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