Gone are the days when only the brides took so much of time to select their bridal gowns, makeup artists and jewelries for their wedding days; now, even men spend a lot of time in spas, facials and for the selection of their wedding day clothes.

If you are looking for the best outfit for your wedding day, let me give you a suggestion – have you thought of wearing a nice traditional Sherwani?

Here are the top ten reasons for you to wear this beautiful outfit, as you walk on the stage with your bride:

1) Sherwanis are traditional outfits:  Most of the men prefer going traditional on the day of their weddings. If you are one of such men, who like traditional outfits, then it is time for you to welcome a nice bright colored Wedding Sherwani in your life.

2) Hundreds of varieties in Sherwanis: You can always choose the most elegant outfit for your wedding day. Don’t be worried about the color – there are so many Sherwanis on different e-stores that you do end up getting the best one for yourself!

3) Every partner wants to match his outfit with his partner’s; if you want to blend your appearance with the appearance of your bride, wear nothing else, but a nice Dhoti Sherwani on your wedding. You can always match colors with your bride!

4) Sherwanis are far more expensive than some of the blazers or coats in the market. If you want to impress the guests, don’t forget to get a nice Sherwani for your wedding day. You can always flaunt your richness and class with the help of your wedding day outfit.

5) There is nothing known as an ugly Sherwani; all the traditional outfits make the men look good on the stage. No matter what kind of a traditional outfit you choose for yourself, you are bound to flaunt your appearance on the stage!

6) If you are fond of brands or designer outfits, you can always get a nice designer Sherwani for your wedding day.

7) There are a lot of e-stores that provide you with matching traditional shoes with the Sherwani that you purchase. Such shoes are not only good in appearance, but also stay with you for a long period of time, since they are made from high quality materials.

8) There is a different shine observed on the face of the groom, when he is in Sherwani. Indian weddings are bound to be fat; an expensive Sherwani always lets you flaunt the money you have in your bank accounts!

9) Sherwanis are far more comfortable than blazers and jackets. If you want to stand on the stage for a long period of time, it is better for you to wear a traditional outfit, which doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all.

10) You get loose bottoms to wear under some Sherwanis; while taking the Seven Pheras with your bride, only such outfits help you feel comfortable.


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