This New Year what will be the fashion like? Which trends will be followed the most? This blog will answer all your queries. Inspired by the oldest recognized eras from the world, we bring you a Fashion Timeline telling you how to wear those era’s this Winter/Fall 2012-13

1. The Bronze Age– yes it’s about the color Bronze!

2. Gothic– the dark shade outfits like a zombie with dark makeup.



3. High Medieval– Cote (the under tunic) under long robes garment featuring wide full length sleeves.



4. Ming Dynasty: dragon prints, flourishing eastern flora, kimono shapes in black or dark colors.



5. Renaissance: tight at the waist,open in front,very wide and displaying the lower part and the shoulders as very rich adorned with precious stones.



6. Spanish Golden age: Spanish sleeves- wide open at front.



7. Baroque: art movement of the late 1500s to 1700s marked by ornate details and gilded, decorative motifs
8. Puritan: Puritan women wore a lot of lace and embroidery in loosely fitted garments generally of white and black colors.



9. Edo: period between 1603 to 1868 in the history of Japan.Clothes worn were loose, the sleeves are wide called kimono sleeves.This voluminous look borrows its style from traditional Japanese wardrobe where the wearer’s age and marital status was indicated through sleeve length.

10. Dickensian: inspired by the long checked coats of Charles Dickens generally in dark shades.



11.Pre-Raphaelite: soft slimline gowns,dramatic trimmings at the neckline & hem.Embroidery very popular as a trimming.



12. Pioneer: Ground touching gowns, covered buttoned necks and head covered with cloth cap tied with ribbon on neck.



13. Edwardian: Skirts hung tight at the hips and flared at the hem, creating a fuller and less clingy look.Corsets (till above the hips) did not divide the bust but rendered a pigeon-like look.



14. Russian Revolution: The military style tops with visible stitches joining the horizontal buttons.



15. Roaring 20s: the hemline went down-down the lower waist.



16. Gasford Park: This fashion is from the movie Gasford Park, movie’s character wore Peter Pan’s neck blouses.



17. Blitz Spirit: Micro prints like floral, polkas, checks in bright colors.sleeveless outfits with colorful accessories like on head, big rings,etc.
18. French Resistance: navy blue, black, beige, cream color.40’s style A-line skirt.closed necks- a juxtaposition between glamour and functionality.


19. Film Noir: Remember Hollywood dark movie dramas where someone would follow you from dark shadows overcast in and around dim light posts. Actress smokes cigars and rolls on her chair. This fashion is exactly the same.

20. Beatnik: high-waisted, wide-legged and tight cuffed trouser paired with a long coat with wide lapels.


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