Beauty and fashion have always managed to cast a spell on women. The very concept of beauty has evolved to a great deal since the very inception. Even now, it is constantly changing its face. There is an array of women clothing and the accessories to accompany the clothing for the women all around the globe. Color and vibrancy can be witnessed greatly with the bridal sarees of the Indian women and the newly-weds. The bridal sarees in the wedding scenario of India are all selected pieces of premium art. One particular piece is selected after going through and ditching hundreds of pieces by the bride to be. The wedding is the grandest occasion of an individual’s life. At this time, the ladies enter an entranced state of mind. They want to look vivacious as well as stunning on their D-day.

designer bridal sarees

The designs mainly depict random pictures of women and men, deer and other auspicious animals. The girls in India love to adorn these heavily embroidered sarees even if they are weighty for the bride to carry it down. The fashion designers of India since the past many years have been showcasing their line of bridal collections and also the collections for the newly-weds.

south indian bridal sarees

The market in India is flooded with the myriads of options for bridal wear. But even after the ample popularity of the Lehenga, Saree is considered as the best drape that can enhance the beauty of a bride. So, if you have to buy a saree for the newly-wed, make sure:

  • The color of the saree must be compliant with the complexion of the bride.

  • The saree must be of fine quality material along with embroideries stitched with quality threads.

bridal saree

  • Since bright colors are meant to enhance the glow of the new bride, pinks, red, green, blue, yellow and other bright colors are suitable for her.

  • The other popular pattern is the Amrapali or the booti all over the body of the saree.

sarees for new bride

  • The bridal sarees and the sarees to be worn after marriage are embellished with beautiful and intricate designs of the golden and silver embroidery.

  • Sarees are considered to be the assets of the brides to be kept for a lifetime, so make sure you get a good piece for the newly-wed.


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