Ethnic jackets are worn across all the hilly regions of India. The style of each ethnic jacket is influenced by the regional and climatic elements of the particular state where it is worn. Apart from the many style variations, ethnic jackets are made in both sleeved and sleeveless silhouettes in varying lengths. Worn by both women and men, ethnic jackets have steadily evolved into a necessary fashion accessory!

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Styles of Jacket :-

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru style jacket evolved from the Achkan, an attire that was worn in the North Indian courts. It was a type of formal attire. Originally, it was designed as with or without sleeves and extended to the hip, with buttons down the front. Fabrics used to make a Nehru jacket included jacquards, worsted wool, taffetas and heavy-weight silks.

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Kotis and Waskets

This type of jacket has been worn by people residing in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Kotis are worn by women. These are similar in length to a sari blouse. Waskets are either in half or full length, depending on the weather. Men’s kotis and waskets are sleeveless and vary in length ranging from hip to the ankle. Both men and women kotis and waskets are made from either wool or cotton.

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This type of ethnic jacket is worn during formal occasions such as weddings, engagement parties and receptions. Sherwanis are styled to be knee-length or a bit longer. They are typically worn with a dhoti, pyjama or a salwar. Some of the most commonly used fabrics used to make a sherwani include suede, velvet and silk.

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This is a form of traditional attire originating from Jodhpur. Also referred to as a ‘prince suit’; Bandhgala worn with a trouser and a kurta or vest. The length of the coat is just below the waist, similar to a Western coat but not as long as a Sherwani. Matte/Satin is one of the most commonly used materials to make a Bandhgala. The buttons and collar feature fine embroidery work. Creams, pastels, wine shades and royal blues are some of the popular colors of this attire. Raghavendra Rathore is one of the top Bandhgala designers. The Baloochi and Peshawari are two style variations that originate from the Bandhgala.

Bandhgalas OnlineEthnic jackets, whether worn in their traditional sense as part of an Indo-Western outfit, are a must-have fashion accessory.

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