Bollywood has a significant role to play in making Saree a glamorous wear. Our legendary actresses have never failed to cast an indelible impression. They enhanced the oomph factor of this traditional wear and made it the sexiest attire.

Does this happen only because the Bollywood stars can afford those highly expensive designer sarees? Can we have the same magic with our daily wear sarees too? The sarees may not be so high end but our style of wearing them lends immense charm and elegance to them. It means any saree can become the head turner if we know how to tie it gracefully. It just needs a little conscious effort on our part to achieve that hot look.

Let us learn to wear saree in a Bollywood style.

Before beginning to drape, a few handy tips:

  1. Put on your heels before draping the saree.
  2. Blouse must be well stitched and well fitting one. Neckline should be elegant and make it as deep as you are comfortable with.
  3. To get that snug fit in saree and to accentuate your curves, lycra petticoat can give a better shape.
  4. Choose the fabric of the saree which you can carry with ease and comfort. Chiffons and georgettes always lend poise and make you look leaner and smarter.
  5. Keep safety pins handy and if you are wearing your bollywood saree for the first time, make sure you pin your pleats with your petticoat. That way you double ensure that pleats will remain in their place.

Steps to follow:

  1. Beginning from the right side, tuck one end of the saree inside the petticoat. Check the length of the saree. Your heels should be well covered. Take a full circle till you reach from where you started. Make sure the saree is well tucked from all sides.
  2. Now take the free flowing end and from behind bring it to the front. Hold the breadth of this end and make pleats length wise. This is the pallu of the saree which will be secured on the left shoulder. Another tip here is that while bringing the other end of the saree ahead, leave a small portion in a V-Shape. Tuck it on left side of the waist. This V comes from the upper end of the pallu and makes one look slimmer and smarter. Length of the pallu must not be too long or too short.
  3. Arrange the pleats on the front and secure another pin to the upper lining of the blouse.
  4. Fix the fabric tightly from the right side and secure pins along. Now adjust the pleats in the front from the portion. Tuck them mid-waist and secure with pin. Make sure your pleats are not too much on the right side. Rather they should be in the centre.
  5. Many Bollywood celebrities like to keep their Pallu open, without making pleats. If you are confident that you can carry your Pallu, this style would definitely add more modish or trendy look.

Rock the party with these easy steps which Indian Wedding Saree proudly brings to you.


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