Our team has captured few still life pictures…using only objects and sarees. These still life photos will voice certain issues of society related to women around the world. On International Women’s Day, let the time stop to catch the fast modern woman in the photo frames.

Her Nature: Sweet, overwhelming as mother & daughter. Sour as a teasing sister & lover. She, in every form, adds taste to our life.


She completes him: A loving mother, a caring sister, a dotting daughter and a supporting wife…without her, man is just like a vessel who can only be filled by the energy of a woman.


She makes the home: The sound of her bangles, the shine of her bindi, the shades of her kajal (kohl) make a house, home. The smell of food she prepares rejuvenates the home’s ambiance.


Woman and Rituals: From collecting the beautiful flowers for prayers, to decorating the prayer accessories, she takes charge to make the festival merriment. She is the one who spreads the spirituality around and pray for the well-being of her family.


Freedom:  Let her not stay behind a closed door. Let her experience the colors of outer world. Let her taste the Freedom..


Education: In rural India, she is not allowed to complete even her primary education. She is asked to sit at home and expertise in kitchen chores. But we forget that, a mother is the first teacher for her children and hence her education is very important.


Career: Women, all over the world, face tough competition from men. In a male-dominated society, they are considered weak and foolish. But, no matter how shaky the ladders of the career are, she has all the rights to make a career.


Dowry: While marrying their daughters off, parents are obliged to pay a hefty amount of money along with other valuables to her in-laws. This practice has been given a name of tradition but is painful for those parents who cannot afford such expenses. It also breaks the sincere hearts in love.


Female Feticide: Parents want boys who will take forward their generation. While a girl is considered as a burden to family, someone who will be married off and live with another family.


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Photographer: Vinod Singh Gusain


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