As your wedding day gets closer, you are probably stuck with so many decisions – from choosing your wedding theme and deciding your looks for different wedding functions to picking the right accessory to wear with your bridal lehenga, there’s a lot to do.

Amongst all the decisions, picking a Maang Tikka is also very important. Maang Tikka is the most desi ornament you can wear on your D-day. Unlike necklaces and anklets, Maang Tikka is worn mostly in Asian countries like India only. The Indian bridal look is incomplete without a Maang Tikka.

In the Hindu culture, the Maang Tikka is an important piece of jewelry in the ‘solah shringar’.

Maang Tikka

Due to its small size you might think that it is very easy to pick a Maang Tikka. But the simple-looking Maang Tikka can make or ruin your wedding look. If chosen wisely and according to your face cut, the Maang Tikka can accentuate your look, while a thoughtlessly picked piece would rather look odd.

To help you with the decision, we have curated a list of some popular types of Maang Tikkas. Scroll and choose the one that will perfectly match your wedding look.

  • The basic or a simple Maang Tikka

A simple head jewelry looks traditional and is suitable for every bridal look. You can pick this when you are not wearing coordinated jewelry sets. Brides with a small or oval face should pick a small tikka. Larger tikkas look good on brides who have a large face and forehead.

simple Maang Tikka

  • The chandbali style

This one is our favorite. The crescent moon-shaped chandbali Maang Tikka is in rage these days with every bride wearing it at her wedding. While picking this design, you can consider the size of your forehead and the attire you are wearing.

chandbali style

  • Maatha Patti

You can consider Maatha Patti as the big sister of Maang Tikka. This style of Tikka runs on both sides of the head and looks highly traditional. As such, it is recommended only for wedding or bridal looks. However, you can wear the simple Maatha Patti in sleek design with your other attire as well.

Maatha Patti Maang Tikka

  • The Borla Maang Tikka

This one is inspired by the culture and ethnicity of Rajasthan. The small round structure looks extremely regal and elegant. You can wear them with your sarees as well. Pick them in white, golden, or silver color for an exquisite look.

Borla Maang Tikka

  • The Paasa Maang Tikka

The Paasa Maang Tikka comes from Uttar Pradesh and is very popular in Muslim brides. In this style, the tikka is worn diagonally on one side of the head. The unique and regal style of tikka can also be worn on festive occasions where you want to look a bit different.

Paasa Maang Tikka

  • Floral Maang Tikkas

The floral Maang Tikka is perfect for your pre-wedding events like Mehendi and Haldi. It is one of the latest styles in Maang Tikkas. The unconventional style is best for brides who want to look classy and cool during their wedding.

Floral Maang Tikkas

  • Layered Maang Tikkas

The layered Maang Tikka looks heavier and hence is best for your wedding day. Pick them in golden, pearl, or polki design for style and class. The exquisite piece can amp up your bridal avatar making you the most beautiful bride ever.

Layered Maang Tikkas

We hope you have found enough inspiration and ideas for your Maang-Tikka. So, go ahead and shop for the best Maang Tikkas online.


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