When discussing men’s dress codes, it is very common to talk about tuxedos, suits, dinner jackets, and more. Though they may seem similar to the naïve, there are a lot of differences between them; only a true fashion lover can understand.

Many people fail to understand the difference between the two and end up wearing the wrong dress code at various weddings and formal events.

Whether you need to buy a formal dress code for your wedding or you have been invited to a formal event, you need to know the key differences between a tuxedo and a suit.

Tuxedo vs. Suit: The noticeable differences

The definition and styles of tuxedos have changed over the years. The traditional black three-piece suit is not the only option now. We see the incorporation of newer colors like gray, navy, or tan as well.

Let’s understand the differences through five key essentials of these formal get-ups – The jacket, pant, shirt, tie, and shoes.

The Jacket


The tuxedo jacket differs from a suit jacket in two ways – the lapels and buttons.

The choice of material or fabric is different in a tux and a suit.

The tuxedo jacket has silk satin lapels that give a shinier and glossier appeal to it. The suit jacket is made of a consistent fabric. Another differentiating factor is the button. The tux buttons have silk covering while the suit’s buttons are made of plastic or a similar material. The breast and waist pockets of a tuxedo have silk satin highlights on them.

The Pant

Here also the differentiating factor is the use of silk satin stripe on the tuxedo, a feature that misses in a suit’s pant.

The tuxedo’s pant has a silk satin accent and a silk waistband. The waistband does not have a belt loop. The pants can have adjusters on either side or they are customized to fit the wearer. Suit’s pants always have a belt loop.

The shirt

The tuxedo is often paired with a white shirt with a wing collar or a turndown collar. Suits can be worn with any color shirt or pattern as long as it complements the overall look.

Bibbed shirts and winged collar shirts are not for suits.

The Tie

Many people think that tuxedo equals bow tie, while suits equal necktie. However, this is not necessarily true.

The choice of the tie comes down to the dress code of the event. For formal dress codes, bow tie seems a better option. Neckties or no ties can be followed in less formal events.

The Shoes

This is one area where you are free to experiment as long as you can carry it with confidence. Leather and velvet shoes are a better pick for a tuxedo, considering the lavishness of a tux. There is no rule that says leather shoes can’t be paired with a suit. Hence, it depends on your personal choice.

If you are wondering what to wear at your wedding – a tux or a suit, then you should consider the time and theme of your wedding. Tuxedo for wedding is a great choice if yours is an evening wedding. The suit is more appropriate for a daytime wedding. If you are thinking of having a black-tie wedding, then tuxedos should be your first choice. For a casual wedding theme, the suit can work fine.


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