Sometimes all you have in your life is black and white. Mix them, you get grey. The choices are sometimes dark, sometimes clear. And the grey part… it’s called confusion (for me). Women, I am talking about the ‘choice of clothes’.

In this section you can find me: Perplexed.  Orderly. Weird. Isolated. Talkative (like always) and then Wise.

Me: The saree looks fine. The jewelry goes well with it. My makeup is done. But what’s with the hair? The open hair doesn’t look good. May be this look should die.

Mirror: Oh no. No. No. You can’t just do it. You always kill the very first look you wear. Not this time….nooooo….


Me: OK. Drama Queen. Let me try to brush up my makeup and fix my hair a little. May be then we both can agree on this look.

Mirror: As if you can hide the real face behind that heavy makeup. Ha-ha!


Me: Yes, you are right. I am not the most beautiful girl for him. There are many out there. I am not worth him. May be one day he will realize it too.

Mirror: Oh God, not again. Don’t start the Niagara Falls again. Stop shedding those tears on me, it will ruin my makeup. Gosh…can’t you girls live a single day without crying?


Me: See, this beautiful red saree. Gorgeous right! But you know what; this color is making my pimple very much highlighted. Let me see, if something could be done.

Mirror: Yaaa…come a bit nearer. Let me check it more closely. Hey!! I can see not one but three pimples. Ha-ha!


Me: The pimples can be hidden under my ‘heavy’ makeup 😉 But I think this net saree is making my tummy quite visible. All the fat I accumulated eating cheese this winter is noticeable.

Mirror: Now why are you holding the yummy cheese guilty? I have always been asking you to work out daily, you Lazy Girl!


Me: With these pimples and fat on my belly, I look like a…….Monkey!!

Mirror: This is one of those rare times when I TOTALLY agree with you!


Me: O my my…look at me. This saree is really helping me flaunt my figure. What if I pose like this, I too can look like a celeb.

Mirror: You and your Ifs. Let me throw few rotten tomatoes at this flop ‘celeb’.


Me: I know I am looking beautiful so let me take few pictures. May be I can mail them to him.

Mirror: See again. Why do you have to wait for his appreciation to believe in your beauty? Now, I won’t let you click. Stop flashing at me, you Paparazzi!


Me: I know I am beautiful. ‘Pretty woman, walking down the street….Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet…Pretty womannnnn…….

Mirror: ‘……I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth’. Ha-ha. May be with a wiper you can look pretty 😉


Me: Wait…wait. He has texted me. Aww…he is so cute, he has sent me love emoticons. I am really tangled in his love head to toe.

Mirror: Really? Is this you who is tangled or poor he whom you trapped with your rolling eyes and dimpled cheeks?


Me: Hey see, even my horoscope of this month says so that it is a romantic time for me and that I will meet the man of my dreams. I actually have!

Mirror: You silly girl, you believe in stars? Don’t you know we ourselves build our destiny and not these mere magazines?


Me: Ssshh…enough blabbering from your side. I have understood, because I doubted myself, you made fun of me. Because I don’t appreciate myself, I look for it outside my world and eventually gets disappointed. My environment is my reflection so whatever I have inside me, would be reflected in others. I am beautiful the way I am.

Mirror: Thank you Lady, I am healed now. You are right. It’s like a body and its shadow. When you will bend, the shadow bends too. So, if you harbor doubts inside you, you shadow who is outside of you will think the same. Always remember this; no one (not even your soul mate) can stop you from being happy. If someone who can please us, it’s only us.  



I want to thank for providing me with the best of Spring/Summer 2013 trends. The sarees I am wearing in this blog are the latest from SS13 runways. The Abstract print, Animal/Safari print, Application work like patchwork, mirrors and stone; the Sailor’s Stripes, Monochrome Flowers and the hot colors Red and White. I am really looking pretty!! 🙂


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