Cufflinks are the most elegant accessories in men’s wardrobe. These serve two functions of securing cuffs to the shirt and giving a captivating look to the whole attire. These are beautiful and impressive replacements for buttons. Designer cufflinks are in vogue whether it is a traditional celebration, wedding event or corporate event. These tiny and adorable cufflinks leave a lasting impression on people you meet. This lovely accessory adds to your overall elegance and you can get it in a variety of designs, motifs and gems.

Indian Wedding Saree introduces attractive cufflinks that go well with the traditional sherwani, blazer and elegant kurta set. Cufflinks are simply the way to accessorize cuffs. Explore beautiful designs and desired sizes in cufflinks:

Men Cufflinks
  • Jewel studded cufflinks

These little jewels add the charm of luxury to cufflinks. These come in different sparking jewel stones of different shades. Jewel studded cufflinks add a creative and impressive flair to your outfit.

  • Classic metal cufflinks

Metal cufflinks have white and yellow gold plating. This is a highly elegant style with a simple geometrical shape and the designer company’s name crafted on it. Silver plated cufflinks look fabulous on a white and grey blazer or light-shaded wedding attire. While gold-toned cufflinks go best with both light and dark shades.

  • Creative designs

Cufflinks with creative designs have angular, floral, leafy, and curved shapes. These are both handcrafted and machine manufactured. For stylish men who value creativity and style, these are the best options.

How to style cufflinks?


Designer cufflinks tell a lot about your personality and taste. It is essential to style the right cufflinks for your attire.

  • Go for a simple design

If you are using cufflinks for the first time then choose a simple or neutral design. These types of cufflinks with a minimalist design are flexible to wear for several occasions. It offers you a sophisticated look.

  • Contrasting designs

Incorporate your style with these contrasting cufflinks. A blue shaded cufflink having a metal carved design inside goes perfect with red and light grey attire. These semi-hidden stylish cufflinks offer a subtle distinction to your overall look.

  • Pair best with your tie’s tone

You can choose cufflinks in the same shade as your necktie or bow. Adjust the position of these cufflinks outward so that they can be visible easily. These cufflinks can be worn on a formal occasion.

  • Designer cufflinks with bright colures

Designer cufflinks come in bright colors and carved gems. These are the best cuff accessory for a wedding dress. At Indian Wedding Saree, you can buy wedding cufflinks online that complement your wedding apparel.

Cufflinks are vital elements of your style statement. These instantly bring touch-up to attire. If you are confident to bring a novelty to your fashion sense then add these beautiful cufflinks to your favourite outfits. Wearing a cufflink is pretty simple and it can quickly add grace to your look.


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