The fashion industry is evolving rapidly to include new trends and styles. By pushing the sartorial envelope, the industry has seen some of the boldest fashion styles in recent years. But there is a misconception that fashion is more inclined towards women as we read & hear about women’s new fashion trends everywhere. However, men’s fashion is evolving too. This is evident with the latest developments in the men’s fashion world.

While we were busy focusing on women’s fashion wear updates, menswear has taken certain important leaps. The current Indian Men Clothing is more fun, bold, and edgy. We couldn’t help but decide to debunk some of the myths related to men’s fashion to help you stay updated.

So, get ready to forget about the myths you believed to date.

Debunking top 10 men’s fashion myths

  • You should not wear ‘black’ and ‘brown’

Black and brown combination has been a big no in the fashion industry. But lately, the trend is changing. One of the primary reasons why this combination is not the favorite of fashion gurus is that both are very strong colors.
Just like navy, brown can also go well with black. To tone down the combination, you can wear a lighter shade of brown with your black outfit.

  • Your shoes must match your belt

You’ve always believed that your shoes must match your belt. Though, it is true to some extent, there’s always some room for experimentation. You don’t need to swear to wear the same colored belt with your shoes. Try different shades of the same color for an edgy look. This doesn’t mean you should wear a weird combination. Let the color be the same, just pick a different shade.

  • Flower prints are not for men

You must have hardly seen flower prints in Indian men’s clothes. We have been relating flowers with femininity for long. Hence, we never imagined men wearing flower patterns. But modern men are playing against the rules. Flower patterns are an important trend in Indian Men Clothing. The subtle addition of flower patterns in your daily wear is a good step to get rid of the stereotype.
This is visible in western outfits as well as Indian Men’s Wear like sherwani and ethnic jackets.

  • Never wear denim over denim

Denim over denim might have called for a death penalty a few years back but not now. This myth is losing ground in both women’s and men’s fashion wear. However, it is a difficult style to pull off. If done in the right way, this combination will make you look smart and confident.

The key to ace this look is to get a contrast between the shirt and jeans or jacket in terms of color and texture. You can wear tightly fitted denim jeans with a shirt of a different denim shade. Just remember to carry your confidence.

  • Pink is for girls only

The pink color was considered synonymous with women. But the 21st Century men can pull off a pink outfit without feeling any less of a man. The pink color can accentuate the masculinity. The color goes well with all types of bottoms. You can also see pink color in traditional Indian clothing as well as ethnic men’s suit and wedding sherwanis.

  • Dress slim

Men have been advised to wear slim fit jeans to maintain a hold on the male silhouette. But now the trend is changing. We see the entry of cuffed tailored sweatpants and woolen and relaxed fit trousers in the men’s fashion world. Here, the point is to wear something that is neither too fit nor too loose. Fit clothes can cause skin allergies and discomfort, while too loose ones can accentuate girth. Hence, find a mid way out.

  • Ties only with formal

This made us shake our head in no. People have a misconception that ties are a must for every formal wear. It is an outdated rule now. Tie or no tie doesn’t make a difference now. No doubt ties add a style to the formal look but they are not an indispensable part of it. You can perfectly carry a formal look even without wearing a tie.

  • Your socks must match your trousers

Just like shoes and belts, this combination is also considered safe. But it is not necessary. Wearing contrasting socks can be fun and cool. You can wear a color that is present on your tie or shirt for an interesting yet well-coordinated look. Men’s fashion wear is also accepting contrasting patterns and prints now. You can pick socks with different patterns with a slight reference to your overall outfit.

  • Wearing sunglasses indoors is cool

A big no. Sunglasses are to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sunlight. You don’t need to wear them while you are indoors unless you are a celebrity who generally wear sunglasses to avoid being easily recognized in public places. If not, then let’s keep them for outdoor use only.

  • Your pocket square and tie need to match

A decade back it was considered a truth, but not anymore. A skilled dresser knows how to pick complementary colors and patterns, not matching. Playing by the rules is no longer a trend. The new fashion is edgy and cool.

We know it will be difficult for you to come out of the stereotypical ways and try new trends. But once you start experimenting, you will develop your individual style and taste. It will make your style edgy and daring.


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