23 March, 2013- Day 2

Pia Pauro

Tiny colorful tribal embroidery against light colored background. Get similar style in salwar kameez.

Nupur Kanoi

Gold border put elegantly around White Salwar kameez.


Nikhil Thampi

Monochrome Divisions. Get similar style in salwar kameez.


Nishka Lulla

Dual toned perfectly merged in top and bottom of the whole outfit. Get similar style in salwar kameez.


Shehla Khan

Sheer White fabric with fine embroidery. Very feminine! Get this similar style in saree.


Riddhi and Siddhi

The designer duo showed collection inspired by Indian yoga, ashrams and they say: “The Upanishads explain to us that the body is like a fabric. It can get dirty but the soul remains untouched. Just as gold cannot be affected by any acid and is deemed the purest metal. ”
Get similar style of gold used over white color in salwar kameez.


Naeem Khan

World acclaimed designer Naeen Khan showed a rich fashion collection:

a) Asymmetric Lines- We loved this concept styling of monochrome asymmetric lines! Get similar style in salwar kameez.

b) Floral-Mosaic Embroidery- This embroidery was much applauded. Get similar trend in salwar kameez.

c)  Big Dark florals-  get similar in saree.

d)  Gold florals- Get this glittering trend in saree.


e)  Metallic beads- The work of beads on grey base looked smashing and a party-fit.  Get similar style in salwar kameez.

f) Sequins- The Sequin work looked equally beautiful, shining on white base. Get similar trend in saree.

g) Sequin work gown- A lady-like look with sequin work on top of flowy fabric. . Get this similar style in anarkali.

h) Gold Embroidery- it is never out of fashion-proves Naeem Khan. Get similar in salwar kameez.



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