Dressing up in a fancy saree during the height of hot summers can seem like an impossible task, but not so if you’ve got a chiffon saree!

Chiffon is an airy, light and translucent fabric. It is manufactured using tightly twisted threads. Over the years, chiffon has replaced silk and cotton sarees as summer attire mainly because it is an easy-to-wear fabric and it has elegant draping. In addition, chiffon fits neatly and closely to a woman’s curves, making her look slim and graceful.

Why are Chiffon sarees so popular?

  • Apart from being easier to wear, chiffon sarees are also easy to manage. Cotton sarees on the other hand require starching and unless you’re an expert in wearing them, it normally requires the help of another person to be draped.

  • The pleats on a chiffon saree are easy to gather and need not be pressed to fall perfectly. The pleats of silk and cotton sarees must be ironed and pinned down or the wearer risks wrinkling early on!

  • The pallu of a chiffon saree can be styled in a number of ways. Whether pleated or falling loosely, it looks elegant. The pallu of a cotton saree cannot be left open because of the stiffness of the fabric. Although the pallu can be left as is on a silk saree, it risks fast wrinkling.
  • A chiffon saree can be easily worn for casual occasions or formal parties. They are also suitable to wear to the office.

  • Chiffon sarees suit women of all ages whereas cotton sarees are typically associated with women in their fifties.
  • You can opt for a chiffon saree in any print, color or embellishment. You can also opt for specific artistic designs such as Leheriya and Bandhani.

  • Caring for a chiffon saree is quite simple. It needs to be washed in gentle detergent and can withstand machine washing. Cotton sarees need starching to maintain their look. Silk sarees are very delicate and must therefore be dry cleaned.

  • Chiffon sarees can be easily dressed up with accessories such as earrings, bangles and necklaces. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a designer chiffon saree.

Now you can beat the heat this summer and still look gorgeous in a chiffon saree. Visit Indian Wedding Saree today to shop for this summer-friendly attire.


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