Every woman would perhaps accept the fact that a saree is one such attire that would never go out of fashion. The single piece of cloth looks awesome on any woman, and is highly preferred by women of all ages. It goes without saying that there is a special touch of sophistication in this outfit, due to which everyone goes gaga over this Asian attire. The best thing about this attire is that today there are innumerable varieties of sarees ranging from variations in fabrics, designs, styles and textures. In this context, the name of Chanderi deserves mention.

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About The Sarees:
The Chanderi Sarees are very popular now, and they are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It got its name from a small village in Madhya Pradesh named Chanderi. The region has been famous for its handlooms since ancient times. The fabric comprises either of silk or fine cotton. The designs of the sarees mainly reflect the patterns found in the temples of Madhya Chanderi. The fabric is indeed one of the most preferred fabrics not only during the summers, but also during the winters. The material also creates a special appeal due to which every woman loves to wear it in different occasions.

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Maintaining A Harmony:
The most important thing that you would like in these sarees is that it maintains a form of harmony between the body and the border of the saree. It has the ability to add a touch of grace and elegance to the overall saree. You can expect to find several patterns on these sarees. However, the most common pattern is the presence of off-white colour on the body of the saree and the combination of various colours on the border. It adds to the uniqueness of the look and feel of the attire, as a whole.

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Enrichment Of The Design:
The saree can be enriched in various designs. Chanderi comprises of zari patti and the design of the overall outfit is beautifully enriched by the use of motifs and butis in the entire body of the saree. In fact, you can expect to find various designs and patterns on these outfits that make it highly appealing and enriching. The shine in the cloth makes it the most preferred fabric for various designer sarees. The embroidery works that can be done in this fine silk steals the hearts of many women in the modern days.

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Elegance And Delicate:
When it comes to Chanderi sarees, you will find a special shimmer even in the cotton variety. The delicate and elegant golden threads are often used in the borders of the sarees for creating beautiful motifs. The kind of thread used in weaving is certainly the most prominent aspect of the entire saree. These are embellished with pearl, threads, resham, patch, stones, kundan, crystals, beads, sequins, embroidery, gotta, and semi precious stone works. Hence, these fabrics are very popular for formal as well as party wear. They are even used in festivals and weddings. Designers of the modern era are working on this fabric to a great extent.

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