The embroidered Indian tunics has much of its design roots in traditional fashion, particularly the kameez. By their nature, tunics are long and loose fitting. They generally cover the hips and rear. Sometimes termed as “mini dresses”, tunics are a versatile fashion item that is a must for every closet. It helps you create a layered outfit without the visual bulk. Best of all, tunics are a rare garment that suits all body shapes and sizes. Here are three fun ways to style your embroidered Indian tunic: 1) The Long and Lean Look The length of a tunic is longer than a regular shirt. It usually ends just at or below mid-thigh. The best way to showcase your tunic is

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Are you a fashionista who likes to sport the latest fashions and designs? Staying on top of the latest salwar kameez and other Indian fashion trends can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to shopping for these items. Generally, when an item is shown on the catwalk it can take up to six months for it to appear in stores. What if you wanted to be the first to own the latest fashions? Would you be willing to wait six months? There necessarily wouldn’t be any guarantee that you’ll be the only one to own your particular attire. The best place to shop for the latest salwar kameez is online! Consider the following reasons for shopping online: 1.You gain


When it comes to Indian wedding, dressing in traditional wear is mandatory and expected. Though for the elders, many fancy and trendy stores cater for the latest styles in ample variety. Since such occasions demand everyone to dress up in ethnic wear, we need to look for the same for our children too. Children, especially girls look forward to such times when they can also be dressed in something stylish as well as resembling with what their mother wears. Little girls always look up to their mothers as their role models and it brings them immense thrill and pleasure to be dressed like them. Young girls lehengas are the most sought after attire which also happens to be their favourite.


Casual tunics is a versatile clothing. It is designed in a number of styles, lengths and shapes. To ensure your tunic flatters your figure, consider the following tips on how to find the right casual tunic for your body type: Pear If you have a pear shaped figure, consider a tunic with side slits. This prevents the top from clinging to your rear and thighs. A wide neck and a slightly tapered waist will broaden your shoulders. Since your waist is your heaviest area, ensure your tunic length falls below or above it. Pair your tunic with a chunky necklace to further flatter your top half. Apple Apple shaped figures should avoid clingy tunics altogether. Focus on your legs and


Embroidered sarees are recognized all around the world as the most iconic symbol of the Indian fashion industry. This six yard long garment is created with many types of materials and styled with a number of embellishments and prints to bring out its character. Furthermore, the way you drape your saree and pin up the pallu enhances the look of the outfit even more. One of the best ways to boost your ethnic saree look is by accessorizing it the right way. Earrings, bangles, shoes, purses/clutches and belts are some of the best accessories to complete your look. Accessories are a matter of personal taste. Not only do they help bring out your sense of style and beauty but they


Shopping for your wedding sarees is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire wedding preparation process. There are many considerations that can help you narrow down your selection such as whether to go with a designer piece or something traditional, the color and material of the saree, types of embellishments, etc. The following tips will help you select some of the best wedding sarees for your trousseau: Set a Budget We recommend browsing online and window shopping to get an idea for the price range of a typical bridal saree. Then set a budget accordingly. Keep in mind, this bridal saree will be worn once, so are you prepared to spend a lot? If you prefer a wedding saree


An Abaya is a robe or cloak that is a part Muslim women’s cultural attire. It is a lose, multi-layered garment worn over top of another garment and is meant to provide coverage for the body, except for the face, head, feet and hands. This is a robe style garment that is designed to promote a woman’s modesty. History and Origin of the Abaya The origin of the Abaya can be traced to a verse in the Holy Qur’an. It is this verse that inspired the creation of the Abaya. This doctrine was obtained from the Hadith where it states that the Abaya must be plain and entirely black, covering the body. One of its main purposes is to make

A look at Top 5 Features of Modern Abayas

Like any other religion, Islam has a specific dress code. In fact, the women of the community should be modestly dressed. The hijab and the abaya are the traditional attire of the Muslim women. However, today many women use the abaya as an outfit to express their style and personality. Even if, it is a typical example of conservative clothing, it is often lustrous. As mentioned, today these are available in several modern designs and styles. Consequently, it becomes easy for women to showcase the personal styles without any kind of disrespect towards the religion, as a whole. 1    The Concept of Abaya: It is not surprising to find that many people are not aware of the concept of abaya.

TOP 6 Easy Tips To Shop For The Right Abaya

Say no to simple abaya collection, when especially there are a lot of trending designs that get updating frequently online. Islamic attires are slowly catching up with the latest fashion trends that are bringing in the right blend of authentic traditional patterns with a lovely contemporary twist. The Abaya market is exploding with attractive designs and patterns, surprisingly available at affordable prices. Wondering how to purchase the right Abaya to suit your body type? We give some quick and simple tips: 1  Understand your body type: When it comes to buying the right abaya that would enhance your appearance, the first and foremost tip is to stay away from designs that cause craving to buy just on the basis of


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