Whether it’s her ability to appear stunning in all desi avatars or just her warm and friendly smile, no one knows how to appear suave and sophisticated in a saree quite like Sonam Kapoor. Her double pallu saree drape has become synonymous with her name. To look and feel Sonam Kapoor in a double pallu style saree drape, consider the following tips: 1. Keep your saree, matching blouse and petticoat, dupatta and heels within reach. 2. Start by wearing your blouse and petticoat. Knot the petticoat firmly and tuck it into your waist. Wear your heels. 3. Take your saree and begin draping. Make the first tuck to the right of your navel. 4. Continue draping and tucking for one

How to Drape Padmavat Lehenga Style Saree

After seeing the blockbuster hit movie Padmavat, you’ve probably fallen in love with Deepika Padukone’s avatar and her numerous lehenga sarees. In fact, many women have taken inspiration from her Padmavat look and chosen to wear their wedding saree in the same style. If you want to look like a Padmavat bride on your wedding day, consider the following tips for draping a saree in the lehenga style: 1. Start by wearing your blouse, matching petticoat and a pair of heels. Ensure the petticoat is tightly knotted. It should sit just at or below the navel. 2. Take the plain end of the saree, i.e. opposite of the pallu, and tie a knot. Tuck this knot into the right side


What’s the best way to showcase your favourite Bandhani, Patola, embroidered tinsel or panetar saree, wear it in a siddha pallu style. These famous traditional sarees are a staple in Gujarat and are often worn during festivals, religious ceremonies and weddings. What’s noticeable about all of them is the intricate detailing on the pallu. In order to show case it, the siddha pallu style of draping a saree works best with these Gujarati sarees. In this classic drape, your pallu will be the star of the show. It’s also a comfortable way to wear your favourite saree. To wear your saree in the siddha pallu style, start by: 1. First wear your saree blouse, petticoat and a pair of heels.

How to Wear South Indian Style Wedding Saree?

Whether you’re wearing a Kanjeevaram or Bangalore silk saree for your wedding, no one can doubt the beauty of a bride in a well-draped saree! Here is a step by step guide in South Indian style bridal saree draping: PRE-DRAPING 1. First, gather everything you need to wear a saree. You will need the following items: – saree (ironed) – matching blouse – matching petticoat – a pair of heels – safety pins These are the basic things you will need to wear your saree properly. 2. Next, wear your blouse followed by the petticoat. Ensure your blouse fits you well BEFORE the actual wedding day. This will give you some time to make necessary adjustments. A well-fitting blouse is


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