Wedding in India are fun filled. They are joyous occasions of celebrations, where families, relatives and friends join the bride and the groom. Indian weddings are huge, and one gets to see great fashion in them. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone is dressed up at their best. All the focus after the bride, is on the other girls, who are dressed no less than the bride herself. All the girls at a wedding try to look their best not just because they are close to the bride but because they want pretty pictures after the wedding. Yes, let’s accept, that’s the truth.

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The only problem that arises is during the winter season. There are several weddings one has lined up during the winter season, and one cannot get away with looking pretty. What can a girl do then? You would say cover yourself up with a jacket or a shawl. But NO. that’s not an option because then, there would be no sense in wearing such heavy garments if they won’t show. Poor girl end up going causally without any jackets, pretending they aren’t feeling any cold.

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If ever in life, you too have come across a situation like that. Do not worry. Here’s a solution. With the changing of fashion, and advancement in everything, designs of garments have changed for the better. So, instead of trying the regular Indian wedding lehengas, try some different lehengas and garments, that aren’t just stylish but warm too. Here are some easy, yet impressive ways to dress up to a chilled-winter wedding, that would only make you the center of attraction.

Lehengas with a pocket: As they name suggests, they are lehengas with pockets. They can keep you warm, and can help you give some nice poses for the pictures, you know.

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Full sleeves blouses: Blouse play a vital role. You can get thick blouses with embroidery all over and can get them stitched with full sleeves. These look all stunning.

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Elegant jackets: Cover up girl. There are various trendy garments that are available with long jackets with them, like the jacket-lehengas, the long embroider jackets with pants, jackets with dhoti style pants, jacket anarkalis, etc.

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Stylish gloves: if you decide to dress a little western, you could go for gown and yet keep yourself warm with long stylish gloves, hats and other accessories, depending on the type of wedding you are attending.

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