This time we corresponded with Tanya Mahendra from “Fashion Oomph”! You must have heard the name before as Tanya is one of the top 10 fashion bloggers of India. A software engineer by profession, she had totally transformed her career as a reputed fashion fanatic. Tanya has also studied Fashion Business Management from Pearl Academy with a student exchange program from Domus Academy, Milan.

Her creativity & personal style statement is reflected tremendously through her blog. Also a leading social media influencer, Tanya has helped to promote many brands. Fashion Oomph is definitely a must read blog for all the fashion enthusiasts out there for inspiration. Without any further delay, let’s start with the questionnaire & get to know something more about Tanya.

Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.

My name is Tanya Mahendra and from a very early age I discovered that I have a passion for fashion and travel. Since, I was really good in academics, I had to let go of my passion and like majority of the Indian students become an Engineer. No offense to anyone but I always felt that I don’t fit in software engineer job. I am a creative person and I can’t show my creativity being in this job. To make my dream a reality, I decided to join fashion college.

I have studied Fashion Business Management from Pearl Academy and did my student exchange program from Domus Academy, Milan.

I have worked with H&M UK and India as Visual Merchandiser and currently I am working for myself as a creator. I also help companies in their growth strategies and social media marketing.

I am passionate about doing something which would make a difference in society. The only mode I have right now is my social media channels.
I am an environmentalist and I want to make more and more people aware about the need of the hour and to save our planet Earth.

Q.2 Which is the best season you like and what’s your best wear in that season?

To be honest I love all the seasons. I love summer because we get to wear beautiful prints, pastel shades, cute floral dresses and in-fact in summer holidays if I get a chance to go to beach holidays then I am always excited to wear the maxi dresses and the wide leg pants with crop tops. Winter because I get to layer clothes and to flaunt my amazing collection of overcoats and boots which I have collected over the years from different places.

Q.3 The best place which you have visited till now? What is the best thing about that place?

I have more than 1 place. The first one is Milan because I have studied there so I had spent a fair amount of time to see and observe people. That’s my favorite place because it is the fashion capital, even on a casual day, you can see people so well dressed and fashion forward. My fashion skills definitely gone a level up being in that city.

My other favorite city is Egypt. Egypt is very very close to my heart because of the amazing people, along with their rich culture and food. I met some of the most humble and loving people in that country. Egypt is beautiful just like India, it has a lot of biodiversity.

Q.4 When did you first think about Fashion Blogging and what are the requirements to become a Good Fashion Blogger?

When I started writing articles, I wasn’t even aware of the blogging world properly. I used to guide my friends about what to wear and what not to, what matches the best with what, plus I used to love traveling and a lot of people used to take my suggestions like where to go and what to do exactly and I used to dig in my notebook and then message them the details. That’s when one of my friends suggested me to document it on a website so that more people can take its benefits and that’s when I became a blogger.

There are no particular requirements as such, there is no school or set of rules for this. You must be unique in yourself. Don’t do what everyone is doing, do what are super passionate about. You don’t need to fit in the brackets and there is no definition of good blogger. When you know it in your heart that you are doing honest good work then you are a good blogger but the moment you get into the rat race and start doing what you should be doing to be popular and to get more followers and likes, that very moment you will lose your originality and your true essence. So that’s the only difference between a good blogger and not so good and you are the one who defines that.

Q.5 Who is the best Diva to follow in terms of fashion, from Bollywood? Which is the best dress you like her wearing?

My favorite fashion divas in Bollywood are Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor. Both of these fashion icons are super stylish, glamorous and versatile. The best thing about them is that they both don’t follow a particular style, in fact they are very experimental and daring to try different outfits. They are bold and beautiful, and they carry that oomph factor with them and that’s what I love about them.

I would love to see them in more of indo-western kind of dresses as that blend both the world together.

Q.6 What is the Inspirational Success Quote you would like to give our readers?

To be successful, you need to stay original by being yourself. Take inspiration but never copy.

We at Indian Wedding Saree are thankful to Tanya Mahendra (Fashion Oomph) for sparing her valuable time for us. We wish her good luck, success & health in the future.


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