We recently had a short interview session with Sonam Lakhani from “My Haute Life”. Sonam has a graduate degree in Business. She dabbled with Jewellery Designing, Gemology and Diamond Grading but is a fashion enthusiast by heart. She started her own clothing brand. Sonam has also worked with ITP Publishing, Middle East’s leading publishing company in Dubai. Sonam’s work as a fashion blogger is noticeable on her blog & we really liked her ideas. Let’s get on with the interesting questionnaire.

Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.

My Haute Life is a celebration of all the things I love- Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Life. For me, playing dress up began at the age of five and probably never ended. This passion grew further and as an extension, I dabbled with Jewellery Designing, Gemology and Diamond Grading. But at heart, I was always a fashion enthusiast. Clothes over stones, always!!!

Realising my vocation was meant to be in the design scene I fully immersed myself into the fashion world. I designed my own clothing brand and expanded my production, well that’s where the Business Graduation came in handy. After moving to Dubai I worked with ITP Publishing, Middle East’s leading publishing company. Along with working for the lifestyle section of Masala, I also took the mammoth task of styling several projects including the Masala’s Most Stylish supplement.

It was this love that laid the genesis of my blog. Drawing inspiration from all parts of life and experimenting with my personal style, I want to recreate unique looks that are wearable and stylish. Also I’m so enamored with the idea of travelling to exotic locations. There’s something so enticing about exploring unique places and beautiful towns that people have only dreamt of. For me the best stories are found in between the pages of the passport.

Q.2 Which is the best season you like and what’s your best wear in that season?

I prefer the winter season as it is fun layering up in trench coats and faux fur jackets. Also boots add a bit to the glam look

Q.3 The best place which you have visited till now? What is the best thing about that place?

I think it would be Finland and Iceland. It’s absolutely unreal and so dreamy. We have stayed in an igloo and seen the northern lights in Finland. In Iceland we have sailed along a zillion little icebergs and went snowmobiling on a glacier.

Q.4 When did you first think about Fashion Blogging and what are the requirements to become a Good Fashion Blogger?

You don’t need any specific requirements to be a fashion blogger. All you need is a good reason as to what is it that you are going to share and why. How can you be different from others and how are you going to make a difference to somebody’s life.

Q.5 Who is the best Diva to follow in terms of fashion, from Bollywood? Which is the best dress you like her wearing?

Nobody from Bollywood. I actually find a lot of inspiration on Instagram itself, there are tons of regular people who dress really well!

Q.6 What is the Inspirational Success Quote you would like to give our readers?

Live every moment, don’t give up on that dream, explore the world, make real relationships and get out of your comfort zone!

We at Indian Wedding Saree are thankful to Sonam Lakhani (My Haute Life) for sparing her valuable time for us. We wish her good luck, success & health in the future.


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