Another day, another wonderful blogger with us for our interview series. This time we followed up with Reeneta from “Glamshutter”. The first impression which we had while going through her blog was awesome. She is an MBA in Media & a writer by profession. We were absolutely mesmerized by a tagline on her blog which says, “Every flower goes through dirt to bloom”. Reeneta has done a great job in keeping Glamshutter as a leading blog on lifestyle & fashion. Without any further delay, let’s get to know her better through the questionnaire.

Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.

I am an MBA in Media and Entertainment having a specialisation in AV production. Professionally I am a writer, telling stories with my words. When it comes to passion, it has to be the mountains.

Q.2 Which is the best season you like and what’s your best wear in that season?

I like winter the most. I love layering clothes and love scarves and mufflers and comfortable boots.

Q.3 The best place which you have visited till now? What is the best thing about that place?

The mountains has to be the best place I have visited till date, the best thing about it being the people of the place and the love they shower upon complete strangers.

Q.4 When did you first think about Fashion Blogging and what are the requirements to become a Good Fashion Blogger?

I started blogging almost 6 years ago, when I was in my MBA. I wanted to do something more than just study and I thought of taking my passion for writing further and that is how I started blogging.
There is no prerequisite about being a good fashion blogger. If you can keep your readers engaged and coming back for your content, you are doing it right. There is no set formula that works for all.

Q.5 Who is the best Diva to follow in terms of fashion, from Bollywood? Which is the best dress you like her wearing?

There is no doubt Sonam Kapoor takes that place by default. I really like her androgynous style.

Q.6 What is the Inspirational Success Quote you would like to give our readers?

What you seek is also seeking you.

We at Indian Wedding Saree are thankful to Reeneta (Glamshutter) for sparing her valuable time for us. We wish her good luck, success & health in the future.


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