This time we’re continuing our interview series with Namrata from “My Closet Diary”. She is based in Bangalore. Talking about academics, Namrata is a Telecom engineer by profession & also has a management degree in marketing & finance. A fashion, lifestyle & beauty enthusiast, she has created her blog to portray her personal style statement. While going through My Closet Diary, we really liked her ideas & fashion sense. So, without any delay, let’s get along with the interview session.

Q.1 About You – Tell us about your education, profession and passion.

In my life so far, I have done everything expected in India, like getting double degrees. I am a telecom engineer by training and also have a management degree in marketing and finance. I have even worked across multiple roles in fortune 500 companies.

However, since I was a kid I had been strongly inclined towards the world of fashion. I remember being a sort of fashion agony aunt, who everyone would resort to for a bit of quick advice on grooming and looking good.

Somewhere in between the regular 9 to 5 grind, I was aching to go back to my true self and maybe dive into the fashion world full time. It took courage and a lot of support from the husband and friends to make the switch and lo, here I am!

Q.2 Which is the best season you like and what’s your best wear in that season?

I love spring. Spring is the season of colours, brightness and love. I love wearing anything or everything but when it comes to regular and most comfortable style, I love being casually chic. I prefer wearing a t-shirt dress and sneakers mostly.

Q.3 The best place which you have visited till now? What is the best thing about that place?

I have been exploring a lot these days. Travelling is truly a stress buster for me. Till date, I loved the Maldives the most. The place is so beautiful, serene, relaxing and a lot more than just a honeymoon destination. How much ever I talk about the place, you would still be up for a pleasant experience when you actually drop in there. Do check my blog post at My Closet Diary to know about everything I did and loved in the Maldives.

Q.4 When did you first think about Fashion Blogging and what are the requirements to become a Good Fashion Blogger?

As they say, the seeds were sown much earlier than the first bloom.

Growing up, like most of the girls, I loved getting dressed up. I mean as a 10-year-old, my clothes were coordinated with footwear and accessories. To me, that was quite something for a 90s pre-internet era kid from a small town.

I did pass on this gyan to my friends as well, right from looking your casual best on your first date to even selecting wedding lehengas. You could have called me as the friendly neighbourhood fashion agony aunt!

I believe there are no hard and fast criteria to become a good fashion blogger. Everyone’s fashion sense and style statement are different. But whatever kind of fashion you are talking about, know it. You need not belong to the fashion industry or do any course to be here but for sure a person should be enthusiastic about fashion, beauty and lifestyle to get feet wet in this industry.

Q.5 Who is the best Diva to follow in terms of fashion, from Bollywood? Which is the best dress you like her wearing?

If you talk about a Bollywood diva, I will any day say Sonam Kapoor is the best. I love everything on her but she looks best when she does power dresses wearing her suits.


Q.6 What is the Inspirational Success Quote you would like to give our readers?

I strongly believe in one thing in one quote “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

You’ve got to believe in yourself, your abilities and be prepared to slog it out for the long haul!

We at Indian Wedding Saree are thankful to Namrata (My Closet Diary) for sparing her valuable time for us. We wish her good luck, success & health in the future.


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