Festival of Eid is a Muslim festival which arrives after a month long fasting. As any other festival, Eid is the time to rejoice and cherish good times with friends and family. It is feasting time which instils universal brotherhood and spirit of bon homie amongst people. People with faith in Islam follow rituals and age-old traditions which enliven the values of community feeling. Like any other festival, Eid is the time to go and meet your near and dear ones and exchange gifts. This also calls for dressing up in new clothes.

Designer Islamic Saree

For the Muslim women, this festival means a lot of preparation and planning. Preparation of the feast which includes sevayian, a traditional sweet to be relished on this occasion and much more to be done before things are ready and the guests are received at home.

Eid Islamic Saree

As buying new clothes on Eid is customary, Muslim Girls and Women too are excited at the prospect and look for the attires that are most aptly suitable for the festival like Islamic Saree. Traditionally, a Muslim woman must cover her body and Islamic saree does the same. It covers the entire body. Its blouse has its mid-section, arms and back completely covered. Neckline is also kept high. It is any woman’s wish to look graceful and elegant in anything that she wears, especially for the festival. Saree has that natural grace and modesty to make one look beautiful and modest at the same time. This six to nine yards piece of cloth covers the body well and the matching or contrasting hijabs complete the look. But a common concern of many Muslim women who wish to wear a saree is how to be in style and look good with the hijab. Hijab can be treated as a personal fashion statement, which covers the head and maintains the modesty.

Eid Special Islamic Saree

We at Indian Wedding Saree have the most beautiful and latest collection of Designer Islamic Sarees ready for Eid to create sensation with new trendy styles and designs. These stunning sarees have kept in mind your need to be covered from head to toe. Any saree from our collection is amazingly rich with embellishments and our ace designers have styled them in such a manner that you look chic and modest at the same time. With beautiful full-length blouses in the same or contrasting colours set the festive mood and excitement to wear these gorgeous pieces of intricate artwork, which at no point challenge your modesty or make you feel less dressed. Our designer Islamic sarees are created in array of colours and fabric to be worn in any style that you prefer along with matching or contrasting Hijabs. This one stop destination has all that will complete your search, adding pleasure and style to your attire at the same time. Be it the embroidery, lace work or zari work, we come up only with the best at the most affordable prices.

Special Islamic Saree For Eid

This Eid explore our premium collection and bring novelty and charm in your wardrobe.


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