Silk Sarees
Silk Sarees

Saree, the elegant and gracious lengthy attire, is the first choice of Indian women for every occasion. The variety and drape style you will come across is simply amazing. This apparel magnificently depicts rich Indian heritage and culture. The length of Saree ranges between 5 yards to 9.5 yards. It largely depends on the style by which it has to be worn. Generally Kanjeevaram Sarees and Banarasi Saree are longer than daily wear Sarees.

Every region in India has its traditional attire that reflects their culture. Like Punjabis like to wear Patiala Salwar, Marwaris have Lehenga; Guajarati’s have both Lehenga and Saree, but in spite of all these differences Saree is the attire, which is identical in all parts of India. It is draped on the body in numerous ways to give a unique look. Generally it is draped around the waist, covers the midriff and then put over the shoulder. No matter, how Sari is draped, the fact is that it enhances the beauty and persona of the women.

It is ideal attire for all occasions whether it is formal, party or festival. As you will travel across the length and breadth of the country, you will find a number of unique versions of this traditional attire. The Tangail and Dhaniakhali Saree from West Bengal have its own huge market along with Murshidabad Saree and Baluchori Silk Sarees.  Women like to wear Printed Cotton Sarees for day-to-day use as can be easily managed and are comfortable during scorching summer months.

The Silks Sarees are concerned a perfect choice for formal wear and big occasions. The Sambhalpuri Sarees, Ikkat Sarees, and Kotki Sarees are specialties from Orissa. The Kanjeevaram Silk is a must attire for every woman. However, the most expensive are Banarasi Saree, woven from pure silk along with silver and golden threads. This highly priced luxurious attire is woven in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. Brides like to dress in Banarasi Silk Saree on their auspicious wedding day.

A well designed and fitted blouse enhances appearance of the Saree. Nowadays blouse are available in a variety of styles like Backless, Halter neck, Off shoulder, Tube Choli, Strapless, Low Wide Neck, Single Shoulder, Tie ups, and a lot more. Each of the top is designed in such a way that it completes and complements the Saree.

The popularity of this attire has crossed boundaries; in the recent years, lots of female Hollywood celebrities and Sport stars were seen dressed in Saree at various occasions.


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