As you are tying the knots soon, you want a wedding gown that will drape beautifully and make you look extravagant. Well, one of the most important things that you should never forget that the key to selecting the right bridal gown is not only in its style and designs, but also in its fabric. In fact, the fabric plays a great role in determining how beautiful and amazing you look on your special day. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to acquire some ideas on the fabrics, and the one that will best suit your needs.

In order to determine the best fabric for your wedding gown, you will have to consider different fabrics like cut, style, texture, drape and the wedding season. Do not forget that the same style dress can look and feel different in varying fabrics. After all, each material is produced in such a way so that it produces a distinct effect. While some fabrics cling to the body, other stays away. Some are as light as air, while some are cherished for the puffiness. However, silk is undoubtedly the most preferred fabric for bridal wedding gowns because of the strength, elasticity and resiliency.

You should not be surprised to know that silk threads are again woven in different ways to create wide varieties of fabrics like satin again with different varieties. Take a look at some of the most common fabrics used in bride wedding gowns for the perfect and special look.

1 Organza- It is a stiff fabric which is mainly made of silk and rayon. It offers sheer flow to the dress adding to the beauty.

2 Taffeta- It is a crisp fabric, and it has been used since a long time in wide varieties of dresses including bridal gowns.

3 Crepe- It is a soft and light fabric comprising of crinkled surfaces for an enhanced appeal.

4 Tulle- It refers to the netting that is made from the combination of rayon and silk. This fabric is often used in veils. Moreover, when it is being used as a part of the gown, it can create a romantic and dramatic look.

5 Brocade- The fabric is woven in jacquard and comprises of raised designs. This fabric is traditionally popular for fall and winter wedding gowns, but now it is also worn during the warmer weathers.

6 Duchesse satin- It is light in weight and is often a hybrid of rayon and silk woven into a finish of satin. It looks gorgeous and elegant in any wedding dress.

7 Chiffon- This fabric is transparent, delicate and sheer. It is either made of silk or rayon and comes with a soft finish. Due to the transparency, it is often layered and used in sleeves and overskirts.

8 Dupioni- It comes with thicker and coarser fibers, but reflects a slight sheen on it. It is ideal for wedding gowns during the winters.

Now that you have some idea on the common fabrics, you can make a selection.


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