The summer season is no doubt bright and cheerful, but in a country like India, summers can often be frustrating due to the intense heat. The fiery heat and the sweaty summer should not stop you from expressing your style statement in some of the best outfits. You do not want to sweat and remain comfortable regardless the place you go. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you select some of the cool and comfortable fabrics so that you can easily beat the summer heat. This in turn will also keep your mood in the top form.

Top Summer Fabrics:

As you know there are plenty of fabrics to choose your outfits from. However, there are some exclusive fabrics ideally suitable for the summer season. It is time to take a look and derive lots of inspiration from the same.

1    Cotton-
It is a well known fact that cotton is the most breathable fabric to beat the intense heat of the summers. The light weight and soft fabric is definitely the ideal option for the Indian summers, and it would even help you stay cool. It helps in proper air circulation and thereby you can bear the heat.

cotton saree

2    Khadi-
The khadi fabric is now popular all over the world. It is coarse, but easy to maintain. At the same time, you can also expect to stay cool and comfortable in the intense fiery days of summer. The soothing fabric will uplift your mood, as well.

khadi saree

3    Chambray-
This is indeed a cool textile that can give you some extraordinary level of comfort. At the same time, you can even look fashionable because it gives an illusion of denim. The woven textile is light in weight and the fabric is breathable and long-lasting. Thus, it is the ideal fabric for the hot summer months.

Chambray saree

4    Linen-
The natural fiber made form flax plants can offer a cool feel and amazing comfort. Therefore, it is the perfect choice of fabric for summers. You can wear this fabric and relax the summer heat without any form of discomfort.

Linen saree

5    Rayon-
This excellent fabric would give you intense comfort during the summer heat. The man made fabric comes with a glossy look, but it is inexpensive compared to silk. It quickly evaporates moisture and remains dry in the extremely hot weather. Moreover, the fabric does not stick to your body, which is again great.

Rayon saree

6    Original silk-
The delicate fabric can be worn not only during the summers, but also during the winters. It comes with an absorbing property due to which it can be used in the intense heat of summer. It tends to absorb the dry moisture quickly, due to which you will feel comfortable as well as luxurious. You will also find that this hypoallergenic fabric is also the most durable one. It is the reason silk sarees and silk Salwar Suits comes up as an evergreen choice for every season.  Hence, you can make the best use of it in any season.

Original silk saree

These are some of the most popular and most comfortable fabric that you can choose for the hot summer season. Visit leggings online shopping stores to get latest variety of summer apparels at affordable price.


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