Like any other religion, Islam has a specific dress code. In fact, the women of the community should be modestly dressed. The hijab and the abaya are the traditional attire of the Muslim women. However, today many women use the abaya as an outfit to express their style and personality. Even if, it is a typical example of conservative clothing, it is often lustrous. As mentioned, today these are available in several modern designs and styles. Consequently, it becomes easy for women to showcase the personal styles without any kind of disrespect towards the religion, as a whole.

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1    The Concept of Abaya:
It is not surprising to find that many people are not aware of the concept of abaya. The loose fitting and long sleeve robe is designed in such a way so that it can be worn over a regular clothing. It often resembles a Kaftan, as well. At times, it is paired with a head scarf, commonly known as hijab.

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2    Style & Fitting:
It is important to note that the abaya is designed to cover the overall length of the arm. Some of these come tailored with different sleeve sizes and in different shapes. Moreover, many of them are even available in some luxurious and basic designs. Many of them are fitted at the lower and higher waist. Some of them come in stitched in particular styles with separate belt or sash fitting around the waist. Many of them are available with designs and high collars along with a flaring fit.

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3    Available In Various Colors:
Traditionally, Simple Abaya Collections were available in black. Even today, it is one of the most preferred colors, especially in the Muslim countries. Apart from that, you can expect to find these in plethora of color options ranging from bold colors to earthy tones. Along with going for solid colors, some women love experimenting with different fabrics of the abaya.

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4    Choices of Fabric:
You will find these abayas in wide varieties of fabrics today ranging from silk, cotton, chiffon, crepe, rayon and georgette. However, silk and chiffon are the best because luxurious and rich looks they offer. Well, you can go for something that gives you the highest level of comfort, as a whole.

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5    Embroidery & Embellishments:
The traditional styles of abayas are quite different from the modern styles. This is mainly because of the featured accents in which these are available. The embroidered cloaks are increasingly getting popular in the recent times. Embroidery is often found along the sleeves and necks. Some of the embroidered designs also are found along the edges and seams. Sequins and jeweled embellishments are often impressive when checked in the context of solid colors. Some are found with lace embellishments and sashes.

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Therefore, considering the varieties in terms of design, style and patterns of modern abayas, it is up to you to decide the type of abaya that you want to go for. On the basis of that, you can Buy Abaya Online and express your style statement in the best way.


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