Saree the Indispensible
If one is talking about Indian attire and does not come across Saree, the conversation is definitely not complete. Saree is an indispensible part of Indian attire and its importance in Indian culture cannot be undermined a single bit. Though, it is a 6 feet single piece of cloth but the way it is designed in vibrant colors and distinguished patters, it is attire for many occasions for women in India. Bengali Saree is one such design which tops the chart and cannot be taken out of discussion if one is discussing about the stunning long traditional Indian attire.

Advent of Bengali Saree
Origin of Bengali Saree goes back to the time when, Mughals used to rule India. One of the categories of Bengali Saree i.e. Baluchari has its named inspired from the name of a village called Baluchari in 1700 A.D. The designs for making such Saree were adopted from the city of Dhaka by the then great Nawab of Bengal Murshid Quli Khan.

Inspiring its Introduction
The Sarees referred above do have a strong inspiration from Indian culture and take the flag of Bengal across the country in terms of its importance in Saree design. These Sarees take the culture of India to other parts of the world. Various scenes from the mythological stories and epic are one of the major attractions that can seen specially on Baluchari Saree.

Nucleus of Bengali Saree
There are very few places in West Bengal where an individual is unlikely to find women draped in Bengali Saree. Nadia, Hooghly and Murshidabad are the places which can be considered as the nucleus of Bengali Saree. The process of manufacturing Baluchari Saree is prominently carried out in Murshidabad.

Dimensions of Bengali Saree
Bangali Saree comes in multifarious colors and varieties. It does provide a wide range of stock for women to select from. It is either made with silk or cotton but the repertoire of designs are so large that, an individual would spend many days to explore each and every design. Tant Saree, Daccai Jamdani, Korial Saree, Garad, Pashmina and many other varieties of sarees are available for women to choose from in the category of Bengali Saree.

Bengali Saree Today
Bengali Saree has come a long way since the time of its introduction. These days, the makers of this Saree do consider the environment. Environmental friendly and organic sarees are in vogue these days. One can easily identify modern art being used in these attires.

Occasions to Drape It
The specialty of Bengali Saree to be very comfortable and airy in hot and humid conditions makes it a must have option in summers. One can wear it on various occasions, be it wedding ceremonies or festivals. Bengali women are seen adorning it during Durga Puja and other festivals.  Bollywood has also seen various actresses wearing Bengali Saree.

Actresses like ravishing Kajol and sexy Bipasha Basu have also been seen wearing Bengali Saree on various occasions and who can forget Aishwarya Rai’s stunning looks in Devdas wearing Bengali Saree.


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