Sarees are one of the most favoured Indian ensembles. Sarees are full of charm. They can be worn throughout the year and never go out of fashion! Whether you are heading for a parent-teacher meeting or a dinner party, wearing a saree just makes you look more elegant and graceful.

latest saree collectionMuch like other ethnic Indian wear, the humble saree has experienced many creative transformations. Listed below are some of hottest design trends you can expect to see in designer sarees:

1) No Pleats

No that wasn’t a typo! Many designers are featuring sarees without pleats in their collections this year. So what is the essence of a saree if it has no pleats? Just look at examples from India’s top designers Manish Malhotra and Varun Bahl. Wearing a saree without pleats is actually stylish, not to mention easy to wear. It’s definitely eye-catching. If you’re one of those women who likes to have a balance between ethnic and chic, then this type of saree is a great choice.

No pleats saree2) Tassles and Fringes

Want to add some oomph to your saree? Look for one with tassles and fringes, either on the border or the pallu. Not only is this a stunning way to dress it up, but it definitely catches the eye.

Tassels & Fringes in Saree3) Statement Borders

Statement borders are broad and detailed, usually featuring an intricate floral print or a gota patti. These are added to plain or printed sarees. Due to the width of the border, it helps to accentuate the look of the saree, particularly if it’s a plain one. Sarees with statement borders are an excellent option for casual occasions such as birthdays and dinner dates.

Saree with borders4) Long-Sleeved Blouses

This is a hot new trend that’s here to stay. Expect to see tulle, lace and embroidery work on the sleeves. Long-sleeved blouses look supremely elegant with simple or plain print sarees. Some designers create a deep round cut in the back of the blouse while leaving the front with a high neckline.

Long Sleeved Blouses with Saree5) Different-Coloured Pleats

Call them statement pleats if you like because it’s a fiery new trend amongst many designers. The idea is to have the pleats in a different colour from the saree. Usually in a contrasting colour, i.e. black and white or red and green, blue and yellow.

Different Color Pleats in saree 6) Geometric Prints

This is a common trend that will be seen on georgette and chiffon sarees. You can expect small, multi-coloured prints on neutral backgrounds. These types of sarees are perfect for the office or for lunch with friends.

Geometric Printed SareeIf you like to stay up-to-date with current fashion trends, have a look at the latest saree collection at IndianWeddingSaree.


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