“My work is my own inner experience and involvement with the mysteries of nature and form which is expressed in color, line, space and light”- says the Indian painter Syed Haider Raza.

Impressed by ‘Bindu’ (a point or the source of energy), Raza has always focused his art around it and geometric abstraction; and for that he has been awarded with Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. We are very much inspired by his work and hence have decided to show you our collection with geometrical prints in varied colors just like in his art!

Arguably, prints are in fashion this season. And the most powerful of them are geometric framework. Circles, squares, rectangles and triangles as well as every wavy line or pixilated computer generated patterns know to man have found their way onto outfits. Take a look!

Circular patterns-

They are mortal illusions coming out of his favorite ‘Bindu’. In fashion trend, think it as 70’s wallpaper and put it on your outfit. Retro Chic is here!


Arrows or Zigzags-

This Raza’s art with zigzag arrow lines look like a psychedelic journey. Designers too have taken a different path to find inspiration, a wavier path! Find these fun colorful prints in saree.


Colorful Pixels-

These computerized patterns look absolutely stylish while clashing with plain base color in an outfit…just like in his masterpiece!


Triangular patterns-

Sharp and edgy, this painting displays the same art. In fashion world, the inspiration for this theme comes from Aztec and Navajo type motifs which look like triangular patterns.


We hope that you have liked this blog and fallen in love with Raza’s paintings all over again. We wish that he never retires..well for this time he is not. The 91 years old says, “There’s no question of retiring. I’m full of energy in spite of my age. A bit tired. But I’m continuing to work and paint, at times fairly large paintings.” xoxo


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