Girls love kaftans, and it is evident from the fact that the dress is not restricted to vacations and beach wear anymore. They have successfully transitioned to formal segment as well, that too with some serious aplomb! However, not every kaftan dress you can get hold off can pass off as a formal wear, more specifically when you are actually in a business meeting. To give you some quick guiding tips on how to shop for kaftans for different occasions; we bring you 6 never-miss pointers for every shopping outing.

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1. Focus on the fabric
New trends in kaftan and simple Abaya collection reveal the entry of some really cool and contemporary fashion fabrics. For instance, jacquard weaves and chiffon remain the most popular materials for this season. For the upcoming winter collection, explore from the whole new range of wrap around satins and silk kaftans embellished with Swarovski gems and metal studs.

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Avoid polyester and Rayon fabric for good. They are not decently close to represent a formal identity.

2. One kaftan for exclusive occasion
Never mix and match your kaftans for different occasions. Always resort to exclusivity. Yes, kaftans do give lot of flexibility in terms of accents and pairing, avoid going the casual corridor. Keep your kaftan reserved for that special moment always. Mini kaftans are perfect for formal occasions. Maxi-length kaftans with v-neck don’t quite make the cut as formal attire.

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3. Run through the prints
Stay on top of the trend while buying kaftans using extensive research on prints. Latest prints always sell like hot buns, especially during summer when designers launch exclusive party wear and beach wear collections.

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In 2016, don’t miss out on the opportunity of owning the quintessential Argyle kaftans, or the bold and elegant Arabesque. Moroccan kaftans featuring airbrush prints with a whiff of bead and real symmetry also rake in big interest, especially among art lovers.

4. Embroidery
Every kaftan has a signature appeal. Most buyers miss out the embroidery part while shopping online or from streets. Always look out for extensive embroidery or stonework patterns. Upcoming kaftan collection in your wardrobe must necessarily feature the best of Chicken scratch, Colbert, Brazilian embroidery, Assisi, Quilting, Gold work and Jacobean painting styles. Stump work and hand-woven needle embroidery are running items with huge demand among regular professionals.

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5. Neck designs
Kaftans and Abaya have exceeded the fashion boundaries with their bold cuts and ravishing necklines. To be safe on the formal outing, pick a kaftan with halters with slip stitched underneath. Give it a silhouette character with wrap-around, or scoop the contours with a deep U-neckline. Off-shoulders and poppy necklines are formidable options for bold and fiery professionals willing to make a stunning fashion statement. Avoid Keyholes and Surplice necklines if you sport a fuller body.

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While going for Kaftan Online India shopping, always pick elegance over innovation. You might want to retain the kaftan for its new-age fashion appeal, but don’t waste the elegance factor ever. Most buyers end up buying tube-top inspired kaftans that are nothing but longer versions of their bath robe! Use above tips to get the best.


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