The Indian saree is an elegant attire that has stood the test of time. It looks good on all women. Unfortunately, many women find wearing a saree very challenging and this can be contributed to the loss of its appeal. Part of the challenge lies in making perfect pleats and wearing the dupatta.

saree DrapingTo conquer these difficulties, there are four unique saree styles that you can try, which will help you put on this graceful attire without feeling overwhelmed.

These four unique saree styles are:

#1 Ready-made Pleated Sarees

Ready-pleated sarees are a boon for women who simply are unable to make pleats. These are sometimes called pre-stitched sarees because the waist and pleats are readymade. With this saree type, you simply have to pull on the saree from the bottom and lock the pin in at the waist. Take the pallu and wrap it once around your waist before letting it fall over your left shoulder. Simply shake out the pleats so that they fall evenly and you’re ready to go!

Ready Made Pleated Sarees

#2 Lehenga Saree

Similar to pre-stitched saree, there is no special skill or tool required. Unlike the previous style of saree, you don’t have to worry about pleats because there are none! The pleats in this lehenga style are replaced by panels, lending the outfit a modern touch. You simply have to pull up the lehenga, tuck it in and then drape it. You can wear the pallu in any style you wish. Today this type of saree is becoming a popular theme amongst brides.

Lehenga Saree


The half saree is a traditional outfit borne out of South India. Sometimes referred to as the Langa Davani, it was commonly worn by girls who had crossed puberty. In English, the Langa Davani was also called the half saree.

The half saree has three components: the lehenga or skirt which is tied at the waist, the voni or chunni and the blouse. Unlike other types of traditional wear, the half saree is not subject to traditional patterns or motifs. It is typically constructed from silk or cotton. The half saree is often designed with zari or heavy borders. The pallu may be in a different color compared to the rest of the saree.

Half Saree

#4 Saree Gowns

The saree gown is a fusion of the Indian saree and Western gown. It is a beautiful silhouette for women who have difficulty draping a saree. You simply have to put the gown on and zip it. This type of saree was first inspired by Princess Diana in 1988 when she wore a saree gown designed by Catherine Walker. A similar outfit was worn by socialite Paris Hilton during her India tour in 2011.

Saree GownsMake saree wearing a breeze by considering the above saree styles. To learn about more saree styles, visit Indian Wedding Saree.


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